December 3, 2012

Snowflake, the North Pole Elf, made her appearance yesterday! This blog post will be dedicated to Snowflakes adventures throughout December 2012!

Day ONE:
North Pole Breakfast

Day TWO:
Horse Meeting

(coming soon!)

December 2, 2012

Our First REAL Minnesota Christmas Tree

After going to see Santa, we went to Cresco for Chinese food (YUM!) and to pick our first REAL Minnesota Christmas Tree! Next year, we will remember to bring a saw, so we can cut it down ourselves!

She loved dancing around all the trees. I think she thought this was the north pole.

Is this the one??? "How's it look?"

We found a winner! "I like this one"

Even the play house got a tree! (or parts of a tree. hehe)

North Pole Breakfast

Yikes!! It's been a REALLY long time since I've blogged. Geez, that was a pretty big epil fail in the "Mommy recording cute memories" department. I've been so busy with work stuff, and photos for other peoples families, that I don't let myself take the time to relax and record MY family moments, like I use to... so here is attempt #1 to get back on that bandwagon!

And what a fun way to re-start.... with the Introduction of the Elf on the Shelf.
We've been telling Kaylee for weeks that Santa is going to send an elf to live with us, so he can keep a good eye on her and know how good of a little girl she is.

We told her last night, that Elf would be here in the morning when she woke up. She was so excited that she wanted to wrap her a present for when she arrives! She is either really really sweet and giving... or a total suck up, because she knows the Elf has connections to Santa! :)

So last night, while we were allllll asleep. The Elf came to see us! Kaylee woke up to a breakfast straight from the North Pole!

The Elf had made.... reindeer pancakes! With a side of fruit candy cane kabobs, chocolate milk with snow (marshmellows), and chocolate chip cookies!

 It was yummy!

 Elf even brought us a mound of snow-covered donuts!

 It didn't take Kaylee long to spot the Elf. "LOOK! Elf came to see us!!"

 I think her favorite part was realizing Elf had found and opened the gift Kaylee left for her.
Oh, and Elf finally has a name... brought to by Kaylee herself... Snowflake.
"Her name is Snowflake"


Time to eat!

Photo Opp!

Snowflake left Kaylee a letter explaining why she is here.
And even left her a book to read at night! Here's what the letter said:
Good Morning Kaylee, I am one of Santa’s elves sent from the North Pole! Santa is very busy this time of year, and sent me to live with you, so I can tell him how good of a little girl you are!! Did you know I can fly? Every night, I fly back to the North Pole to tell him about our day together! I am so excited to live with you! Santa has given us some rules though: #1 Please don’t touch me! I really love to watch you play nicely, and I wish I could play with you, but if someone touches me, I loose my magic and can’t fly! #2 I can’t talk. Sorry! Santa has asked me nicely not to talk. But please talk to me. I love listening to you! #3 I have to go back to the North Pole. On Christmas Eve, when Santa comes to your house, he will take me home with him to the North Pole. I will be back next year! I am so excited to tell Santa every night what a good girl you’ve been! I hear you would like stickers, baby doll and a camera, is that right? Don’t forget to tell me anything else on your list, so I can tell Santa! So please remember to say please and thank you, so I can tell Santa how polite you are, okay?? OH, and please no whining! It really hurts my tiny ears and makes me so sad! Enjoy your breakfast... straight from the North Pole!! Love - Elf (now known as Snowflake)
We had so much fun. I think the North Pole Breakfast was a hit!
(except for the part that Mommy pretended to touch Snowflake, and Kaylee burst into tears because "She can't fly to the North Pole on Monday!"... why on Monday? I have no idea, but Kaylee is convinced she is going with her.)
 Can't wait to see the crazy things Snowflake does over the next month!
See seems like a little trickster ;)

April 8, 2012


We have had a jam packed Easter Weekend! The festivities technically started last Friday when Ari, Bayla & Rachel came down to do some Bunny Picture practice for me. They were SO CUTE with the baby bunnies! Kaylee loved them. She has been talking about bunnies ever since! Baby Bunnies, Momma Bunnies, and Big BIG bunnies. I have no idea what she is jabbering about with the sentences she is trying to complete, but I definitely understand "BUN-NIE!" Anyways, here's a "few" favorites from the bunny pictures with the girls! I ended up having 30 kiddos come for Easter pictures this year!!! WOWZAS!

Okay now, that was just the Easter Bunny pictures at the studio... Now on the Easter Egg Decorating!!
I decided to see what happens, but I had a feeling it could get messy, so we did diaper only for this year :)
She was very dainty and gentle... at first!

But then....
Kaylees true colors start to show...
I think the vinegar and lemon juice combo must have given her a burst of energy!
 Our final results... we will get fancier next year!
 THEN! Kaylee starts getting treats in the mail from Texas!
And look what happens! Holy Moly sugar high week :)
Speaking of sugar! I made some desserts for Easter lunch :) Aren't they cute!
On Saturday, Kaylee met the "BIG BIG BUNNY". She didn't want to get too close, but she loved running around with her friends and stalking "him".

And Easter Day is finally here! Kaylee did pretty good during church. She read her Easter books and loved the music. Mommy accidentally bonked her head on the pew in front of us... it was all down hill from there :P OOPS! Elmo Slide (on mute) to the rescue!

Afterwards, we went to Uncle Chris house for the family easter egg hunt and lunch!
All the cousin exchange goodies and ran around like tiny crazy people.
After lunch, we all got to get outside and hunt for eggs. I think Kaylee did pretty well this year! 

 My favorite pictures. She was like "OH NO!! It BOKE! (broke) and was very worried about the egg breaking on her head.

 She finally figured out that's what was suppose to happen, and really got into sprinkling everyone with confetti. She didn't want to break the egg, so she reached inside and pulled out the confetti.

 The cousins!

Well, that was fun. It was a blast, but exhausting! With 4 toddlers running around and pushing nap times, it was quite the exciting afternoon :)

AND SO NOW.... off to the hot tub for us, while Kaylee naps! ADIOS