March 24, 2011

Easter Dress Shopping

Alright Y'all! I NEED HELP! It's time to start Easter Dress shopping, and I'm making it too hard... this is a super important decision.... "Baby's First Easter" dress will be around in pictures FOR-EV-ER! So this is big!!!!!.... K? :)

Things to keep in mind... it will 90% still be cold in Minnesota at Easter. They even say there's snow sometimes... Yeah, I know.... (gasp)... go ahead and pick your jaw off the ground...
So with that in mind, a cute coat or matching cardigan is a MUST.

Without further adieu, here are a few choices...

#1 Simple&Sweet w/ a coat
(in pink or green)

#2 Polka Dots w/a Flower
#3 Eyelet Dress (in white or pink)
#4 Taffeta & Rose
#5 Fresh Green Apple


Bath time is one of my favorites parts of the day. Now that Kaylee is sitting on sturdy on her own, we can get out of the baby bath tub, and into the big girl bath tub! 



... And Friends!
And a massage :)


I wasn't going to put this on here, but this picture makes me smile. They sure love eachother :)

Love Her

These pictures are a little random, but I just love them. They are from our trip to Texas last month, and really show Kaylee's personality at this age.

Such a happy little one loves to be right there with you...

She is like her Momma and LOVES animals...
 And baths...

She loves to play, scream, and drool...

And her chunky little rubberband ankles and wrists. Sigh, I just love them...

Jack-ette of all trades

Miss KC has mastered crawling... and getting into a sit up position, and pulling to stand, and finding the stairs (uh oh)... and A TOOTH!  I haven't been able to get a good picture of it for you to see, but I'm determined. Every time I pry her mouth open, she sticks her tongue out (probably in hopes for some yummy food).

Our nights have been pretty rough lately due to teething + standing + sleep crawling... so we've had lots of night snuggle time in bed :)

So it goes without saying that our little baby is definitely MOBILE now!
(which makes updating the blog more interesting now that she wants my laptop BADLY!

Snow Snow GO AWAY!

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I don't think this takes a lot of words to describe how I'm feeling right now.  It is almost APRIL... the snow was melting... AND NOW LOOK!! At least it's light, but STILL!

Stupid Minnesota!!!! Oh Texas, how I miss you so...

Wanna Peek?

Here's just a little peek into our normal day... They are definitely getting more interesting :) AND I LOVE IT!
Now that little squirt is on the move, that means that Mommy is too :) Hence the random 8 pounds I lost without knowing it! WHAT?! Am I bragging??? Uuuuuuh yeah you could say so! (hehe sorry, just really excited) Now Ramon can't rub it in my face anymore when I go back for seconds (or thirds) and eat a Snickers Ice Cream bar before bed! Gotta have the calories to burn all this extra moving around, ya know...

 So here we are in the morning. She is so good at entertaining herself as long as she is standing.

 Changing diapers has turned into a game. And a chance to escape naked!

Watching Mommy make lunch or something. She likes to crawl around while I get things done. Gotta really keep an eye on her though. She is getting fast!
 And Daddy comes home from work! Will you play with me, pleeeeeeease?
(how can you say no to a little girl wearing her daddys TEXAS Rangers hat??)

KC has a new love for feeding herself, and for sucking on cold things. SO we kick two birds with one stone and enjoy a little fresh fruit in her little fruit-net-snack-thingy. 

Around 8:45pm, it's time for bed! She goes to bed most nights without any fussing. So proud of her!
I love how she sleeps... little tush up in the air!

Happy St Pattys Day

The snow is finally starting to melt. YAY! We are just chomping at the bits to get outside and play. It's not quite warm enough yet, but the melting snow is a good sign!!

I was making peaches for Kaylee when I realized she was really quite.
So I walk over to the door, and look who I found standing up!
Good thing Lizzie was right there to make sure she didn't fall.

Happy St Patty's Day everyone!

Happy Birthday to Ramon

Wow, I've been bad about updating the blog! It has been a busy couple of weeks for us.
First off, Ramon had a birthday last week!!! He is officially "almost 30", but not quite, cause he is 29!

He had several birthday dinners to celebrate.
Now that there are little girls running around, we can force him into wearing silly hats.
"But Tio Tio, I made it for you"...
Kaylee looks pretty pissed about being so far away from the cake. She's the only one that #1 knows how to reach for the flame and #2 doesn't know it's HOT! She got her fair share of whipped cream, so she wasn't left out. :)

Happy Birthday Ramon! :) Love you long time.

March 10, 2011

So Close!

We are still working on crawling... I dunno, IS this crawling? lol
And yes, Mommy made her cry! She looked like she was stuck, so I tried to help, and as you can see, she didn't want my help. Ooops! 

March 9, 2011

Kaylee's Golden Month

Happy 8 Month Birthday Kaylee! This month is your "golden" month since you were born on the 8th :)
Last night we went to Red Lobster to celebrate Daddy's birthday that's next week, and the waiters sang happy birthday to BOTH of you. I wish I had a picture. You LOVED them singing. You sat in your high chair, leaning back just smiling at the waiters. What a ham! It was good practice for your REAL birthday party this summer!
This month has been such a big month! You learn something new every day, I just love it. It is so fun to see the look on your face when you finally accomplish something new. You are so determined! I've been more grateful this month to be home with your than ever. I've always loved it, but just thinking of all the little things I would have missed makes me realize that this WAS a good move for us. I'm sure you'll never realize the sacrifices we made to move away so far, but that's okay. Every giggle, our snuggle time in the morning, and watching you explore the world without a time limitation makes it all worth it. There are days that we don't get out of our pj's, and people may call us lazy, but we don't care. Laying on the floor watching you wiggle over me is the best part of my day :)

New This Month:
- Mommy is officially WELL below pre-Kaylee weight (sorry, just had to document our accomplishment!) Kaylee, you've definitely helped, because you LOVE to eat and are always on the move
- You're is learning new sounds. Da-da-da.  Ba-ba-ba, Tih-Tih, ma-na-na. You're starting to put sounds together and love to hear yourself babble.
- We are on all fours! Rocking and scooting around. Every day you get closer to crawling. You are still finding ways to get around though. Most of the time, you'll get up on your knees then push forward, fall, then pulls with your hands. We just need to get arms and legs moving together and you'll be GONE. (off to college... oh geez)
- You've learned how to go from your tummy to sitting up! You'll still get stuck on your side sometimes, but you've done it!
- We still love to snuggle in the morning. Oh, this is my favorite! I take full advantage of being able to do this, because I know it won't last forever.
- Your little giggle in the morning when you sees Petrie and Lizzie for the first time cracks me up.
- You are pulling yourself up! You want to stand SO BADLY. Everyone that sees you jokes that you'll will be walking before you're crawling. Uh oh!
- You're getting more and more coordinated! You can clap, it is so cute. You get so excited and will bounce and smile so big.
- You're learning to wave. You have the motion down, and if someone waves at you, sometimes you wave back. It's usually delayed a little after a giggle, but it's still cute.
- The word "no" makes you laugh lol. You'll shake your head side-to-side and just laugh. "no no noooo".
- Like I said, you're getting mobile even without actually crawling! You love to sit up on your knees and pull all your toys out of your tub. That will entertain you for a good 30 minutes to an hour!
- Banging lids together is funny to you. You might even be a little drummer because you will bang bang bang on anything and anyone. You'll just bang and bounce and laugh and have a good ol time! I think you look around too, hoping someone is watching. Because as soon as you get eye-contact, you laugh and bounce and bang more lol
- We are experimenting more with foods. We've stopped following the "rules" and give you so many little scraps of "big people food". Your new favorite baby food is puree apple with cinnamon! You LOVE it.... Plum? Not so much.
- Dinner time at restaurants isn't scary anymore. As long as we have "little stars" or a Mum-Mum, we are golden. You look like such a big girl sitting in the high chair at a restaurant... and I'll tell ya, you LOVE the attention you get!
- You're wearing size 3 diapers. And 6-9 month clothes.

I'm so proud of everything you are learning. You have such a determined little personality, and love being the center of attention. I can't wait to see what new things you learn this next month!

Love you my little chicken nugget! :)

March 7, 2011

IHeartFaces | Best Face of February

I am just loving It's an online photography community with tutorials and challenges to help us learn. I'm addicted! This week, we are suppose to submit the "best face from February" for the People's Choice Challenge! The mom in me came out, and I just had to share this one of little KC trying her first plum. Normally she LOVES everything she tries. So I was surprised, and had to giggle at this face. Okay, maybe a little more than a giggle.... I kept feeding it to her so I could make sure and get a video too haha. Eventually she stopped amusing me and just spit it out... oops :)

Creepy Crawly

I can't stop watching this video! In just a matter of days, she has gotten SO close to full blown crawling! She has the legs down, and the arms down... now we just gotta figure out how they work together :)
I love how determined she is to get the dog food. Not loving that it's dog food, but IF this was "the moment",  I wasn't going to miss it! :)