August 31, 2011


We have learned a new word.... and it is ONLY said on important occasions, and isn't a word that is "on demand" or available for performances...

And this word is... "Wowwwwww"

As I said, it's only for special occasions. Like, when you see a giant horse in the middle of WalMart.
 Or you see yourself in the mirror for the first time with a huge bow.
 Or you get caught eating handfuls of Cheese Balls...

August 27, 2011

Go Cowboys!

Cowboys vs Vikings pre-season game. No. Words. Needed. :)

August 26, 2011

Our new Chef

Introducing... CHEF KAYLEE! 
She is quite the little cook! Thanks to Wuelo & Grandma Texas for the super cute kitchen! She just loooves it!

Here first time to see it :)

August 25, 2011

Splash Splash Pad!

We had a fun day with Bayla, Ari, and Rachel at the Splash Pad. The girls ran and ran and loved it!

Rachel was cute and packed everyone a yummy lunch. It was the perfect afternoon!
 Kaylee found some friends her size!
She loved to run through the water (with the help of Mommy's little "push")
 Kaylee just wandered and wandered all around!
 A little relaxing swing time to get us in the good naptime mode :)
Aaaaand we're out :)

August 24, 2011


Pippy came to visit us! This time it was for an entire week!! But it still went by way too fast :(
When Pippy arrived, we did what any girl would do... SHOE SHOPPING!

Shoe shopping with a walking toddler was MUCH different than any other experience so far. She was on a run, and didn't let the extra shoes slow her down.

 She finally picked a pair of shoes. At Nordstrom of all places! BUT it's her very first pair of Sperry's!
And they are soooo stinking cute! They even came with a built in purse.
 Aren't they adorable?!
 She was sooo so proud of herself!

During the week, we headed to Spring Grove for one last trip to the water park. We decided to try a random restaurant, and now it's one of my new favorite spots! It's cute AND yummy!
 ... oh, and Kaylee liked the decor. She even gave him kisses. And walked up to our waitress to tell her "bye bye".

And to our destination! Kaylee loooooved it. As soon as she saw the water, she started squealing lol. And she, surprisingly, even wore her sunglasses!
 She was ALL OVER the place.

 Big Baby got to make the trip as usual
 Pip & Kaylee on the slide.... before
 ... AFTER!

While Mom was in town, she helped us get the indoor hot tub all clean and ready to roll. Oh goodie!!

We even went for a bike ride on a nice afternoon :)

We had a few lazy days around the house too... Kaylee decided we needed to sweep the floors though. She was busy busy!
 She checked all the spots where food is normally dropped... but I think Petrie beat her to it!
 Thaaaaat's the spot!
 Now, over here too...
 The weather was nice enough to enjoy a meal or two outside :)

I just love this face... she had a blast!

Unfortunately, it's time to say bye bye! :( 
But Kaylee wasn't ready... so she packed up, and was ready to head back to Texas!
Love you Mom. We can't wait for our next visit :)

August 15, 2011

Obama was in town!

President Obama drove through town! It was the highlight of the day. I was on my way back from Decorah, Iowa at a newborn photo session, and Obama was said to be coming down Highway 52 (the same highway that cuts through town, and that I was driving on. There was police at EVERY street on the entire highway.... no lie... there was no getting on or off the highway without police seeing you.

He had a full entourage. Helicopters, military, vans, vans, trucks, more vans... LITERALLY more than 40 vehicles surrounding his bus. And that doesn't even count the unmarked cars too! 

It was insane.... but cool to watch and say we saw the President :)

So here is Miss Kaylee waiting patiently on the side of the road.
As he drove through Harmony, he gave a little wave to everyone on the streets. 

I'm not an Obama banwagon lover... but he is our President, so it's still pretty cool! Sometime neat to mark in the baby book... first time to see the president, CHECK! :)

August 8, 2011

Canoe Trip

Uncle Paul, Aunt Suzanne, Amy, and Nick were in town. So we went for a fun spur-of-the-moment canoe trip! It was a perfect Sunday afternoon!

Luckily, Ramon brought his cell phone along, and grabbed a few quick pics!
Getting the fire together for hot dogs!

 We got to meet Nicks girlfriend, Shonda, too! She is so nice! Fit in perfectly.
 Grandpa and Uncle Chris leading the way...
 We stopped and did a little crawfish hunting. Chase found the tiniest baby one!
But we found plenty of bigger ones too! Now, is it pronounced craw-fish or cray-fish?
I saw crawfish, but they say cray-fish :)
 Some of the boys... no idea what the thing is with taking pics of the smoking cigars together lol
Uncle Troy just... "hanging out in the water" ...
We had a great time! Fossil hunting, crawfish hunting, hot dogs, and some spiked lemonade made a great day!