September 30, 2010

30+ miles to Wal-Mart

So, did I mention WHERE in Minnesota we are right now? We are living in Harmony, Minnesota. Yup, 1400 population. No stop lights, no fast food anywhere close(like 30+ minutes), stop signs only on major roads, corn fields, trackers driving on highways, corn fields, gravel roads, more corn fields...
Oh, and amish! Check it out! They won't let you take pictures of them, but their beards and facial hair are pretty impressive.

This week, I decided to venture out all by myself while Ramon was at work... so off I went... to Wal-Mart! The closest Wal-Mart is in Decorah, Iowa! Yup, I have to drive to the next state to get to Wal-Mart! It's a good 30 mile drive with miles of corn fields on either side as far as you can see, but when I saw they had a Culver's, it was worth the drive! Culver's is my new favorite restaurant, btw. The butterburger with cheese is soooo delicious! Mmmm...

September 29, 2010

We're Here!

Hello Everyone! Well, we are finally starting to get settled in. Ramon's family up here has been great at making us feel welcome. I'm officially living in my in-laws basement! HA! Sounds better than us both being unemployed and living in their basement. That was us a week ago! Ramon started his new job this week, so hopefully we can start getting into a routine again soon.

The past two weeks have been VERY busy. The week we drove in, Bria & Charlie had their wedding that weekend.  It was beautiful! Wuelo & Grandma Texas came up from Houston, so Kaylee got to spend most of the weekend with them. I think she had fun! That was week one...
Week two, Ramon had off work, so lots of unpacking and visiting family still in town from the wedding! Kaylee got to meet her cousins, Madison & Colin, from Alaska!
So, here we are at week three! Back to me, Petrie, and Kaylee during the day, while Ramon is at work. I'm sure it will sink in soon that we are here... Right now, it just feels like a long vacation! And I'm okay with my mind playing tricks!
I've gotten homesick a few times already, but I just force myself to look at little Kaylee, and be grateful for the opportunity to stay home with her during the day. Her little smiles make it worth it :)
(I think she is saying hi in this picture)