October 31, 2010

15 Pound Lobster, Comin' Right Up!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Our little Lobster was a hit for her FIRST Halloween. She even got a full basket of candies and treats. She will still get to partake.... through mommy :)

 As you can see, Ramon & I dressed as the chefs, and Kaylee was a Lobster!

Some may say this is a little... sick and twisted, but we don't care!

At first, she wasn't sure about wearing the costume.
But she eventually got over it

You can't tell me this isn't sort of cute!

Someday, she will stop giving the camera mean looks... wishful thinking, huh?

 And it wouldn't be a family picture without Petrie!


"Meet Miss Kaylee Claire"

Thank you to Aunts Bria & Rachel, & Grandma Bena for a wonderful "Meet Miss Kaylee Claire" Party. We had a great time, and from the looks of things, I think everyone else did too!
Kaylee was sleepy during most of the party, but like they say... "It's my party, and I'll cry (or sleep) if I want to!"

Yummy Cupcakes

We had a relaxed evening, with LOTS of yummy food.

And the games begin. Chase and Uncle Chris won the clothing pin name game. If you heard someone saying "Kaylee" or "Baby", you could steal the clothes pin. Leave it to these two!

And it wouldn't be an evening with this bunch without .... a drinking game... baby style!

Who ever could chug the beer fastest out of the baby bottle WON!

Uncle Chris having a hard time

AND THE WINNERS! Uncle Troy was the real winner... Ramon cheated and took the nipple off the bottle. "Nobody said he couldn't!"

TIME FOR PRESENTS! Thank you to everyone for all the great gifts. Kaylee definitely got spoiled with some cute things! We are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people :)

"OOoooh, are these for me?!"

"Yumm yum yum"

We had a great night! We definitely missed Rachel, Zac & Ari though... They weren't able to travel down. Doctors orders! Kaylees new cousin could come any day now, and can't get them too far from home.

October 27, 2010

Got the Sniffles

Yesterday, it dropped into the low 40's during the day. I don't even want to know what it was at night time. A big storm is blowing through and we had winds up to 60mph or so! Thank goodness it wasn't snowing too! Little Kaylee stayed inside most of the time, but woke up stopped up all night, and still crusty nose and coughing this morning. Hopefully little Kaylee isn't getting sick!

So since our little one doesn't feel good, we decided to dress cozy today in her giraffe outfit.

October 25, 2010

Pip Pip Hooray!

Mom (aka Pippy) came in town for the weekend! It was WAY too quick, but we had a lot of fun with the time we had. We wanted to find a pumpkin patch to take pictures. 

They had some of the craziest looking pumpkins.

Kaylee wasn't into smiling for the camera, but they still turned out pretty cute.

Check out this face! haha

The pumpkin patch was also an Apple Orchard. I'm all about these Apples right now! It was pretty cool. They let us go in the back to see how everything works. 

Mom was so excited. It reminded her of the days she would help her grandpa 
work at their Peach Orchard in East Texas.

 Their samples were WHOLE apples!

And once again, it's time to leave, so the smiles start coming!

We wandered around for a few hours so Kaylee could get a good nap.
Found Amish working in the fields. This looks like WAY too much work.
 If you look closely, you can see one with a full beard. GG taught us that means he is married.

Yes, we are dorks

We ended the weekend SHOPPING, of course. Kaylee did so good.  I think all the shopping and thumb finding wore her out.

We had a great weekend with Pippy & can't wait to see her again SOON!

Thanks Uncle Fav

This whole time, We've been too scared to clip Kaylees fingernails, so I've just been filing them. It's worked pretty well, but doesn't last long... So.... Zac took the challenge. Maybe this can be their special bonding time together from now on?
Oh, and check out her new bald spot on the back of her head! I'm calling it her "Baby Mullet Toupee". She rubs the back of her head to soothe herself to sleep, and has formed the bald spot. 
It's pretty hilarious.

Sorry, we are closed in the winter

This is insane! Who ever heard of restaurants closing in the winter? PEOPLE STILL NEED TO EAT! For over a month now, people have been telling me that DQ is only open seasonaly (DQ is the closest fast food restaurant btw), and several other restaurants apparently.

Well, I've been thinking this was a joke until I was up in Minneapolis last week visiting Rachel Zac & Ari... and saw THIS!

I guess it's true! Congratulations Sonic for not being stupid. Too bad Sonic is 2+ hours away!

October 19, 2010

Some more modeling time

Kaylee was just being extra cute today, so we took a break and had another photo shoot. I can't tell yet if she is going to take pictures like me or Ramon...

From the looks of this shot, I'm thinking Ramon!

I started making silly noises, and she thought it was funny.

Kaylee has found her hands lately. They are constantly in her mouth.

She loves her hand. They are tasty. She still hasn't found her feet, but they are starting to stick up in the air when she plays. Those will be in the mouth too before we know it!
Last night, Grandma Bena snuck some Cool Whip into Kaylees mouth during dinner when Mommy wasn't looking! She enjoyed it... almost too much. Maybe she is searching for more on her fingers.
Kaylee is starting to lift her head a little better during tummy time. She is getting really strong.