December 20, 2011

Kaylee Words

Ive decided to make a list of words Kaylee says a lot! Im actually really surpised how many words she actually uses!

All Done
Bupa (Petrie)
Come Here
Come On
Gama (Grandma)
Gampa (Grandpa)
Go (where'd he go?)
Meow (Kitty)
Night Night
OohOoh (Monkey)
Pupu (Puppy)
Tickle Tickle

December 14, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

Every Christmas, "Grandma & Grandpa " have a tradition to do the 12 days of Christmas gifts! This year. Kaylee knew the bag of gifts was for her, and she dragged it around the house until she was given the okay to open!

Grandma was in Preston for dinner with Uncle JonJon, so she stopped by to watch. Kaylee got a Christmas Stpry book and Christmas PJs! Thank you!!

October 3, 2011

Walnut Picking with Grandma/Grandpa

Yesterday was a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. I mean, beautiful! And sort of warm! YIPPEE! Too bad the weather turned pretty right when Dad/KK/Granny left. 
Bria & Charlie were in town visiting, and it turned into a fun/relaxing weekend. After all the football games, Kaylee went outside to help Grandma in the yard. She "helped" water the flowers, and decided to sit in the puddles a few times too. Then, we all went to the backyard to help collect all the fallen walnuts from the tree.

Kaylee was so cute helping! She would pick up the "ball" and chunk it in the bucket. Over and over :) 

... and over... and over!
She was on a mission!

It wouldn't be a day with Kaylee without pausing to inspect the belly button :)

Okay now... we're back to work!

After a while, she decided to start helping Grandpa. He was in charge of taking the buckets over to the woods for the squirrels to eat... or get it out of the yard... however you choose to look at it :)

Well, then she decided her new job was to take the walnuts OUT of the bucket :)
So Grandma distracted her with a new task...

HOLD THE BUCKET! aka (in Kaylee's world)... purse (or "ursh"). I love this last one, it's so her right now! When you ask her a question, she'll twist her hand up and say "uduna!" (I don't know!)...

So I asked Kaylee.... "Kaylee, what did you do today?".... "uduna?" At least she has the pictures to prove it :)

September 2, 2011

Newest Dance Moves

Words aren't really needed for this video. But for the past few days when we dance, I twirl in circles and try to get Kaylee to twirl too... She. Won't. Budge... and just stares at me like I'm crazy. Wellllll... turns out she HAS been watching all along!

September 1, 2011

More yelling and wiggling

Silly goose really loves her sports with Daddy!!

And seriously... no wonder she is a little peanut. SHE WONT SIT STILL!!!!

I'm still Happy... HOORAY!

Practice practice practice :)

Notice her new little move. Going up on her tip toes. That's her new favorite dance move (in combo with twirling!)... working on getting a good video of it. 

Hmm... It's too quite 'round here

When you live with an almost 14 month old and hear silence... you know something isn't right!
In the last few weeks, these are just a few of my favorite spots I've found here. I still can't figure out how she gets there so fast without me knowing!
 Favorite Thing #1 - Redecorating
 Favorite Thing #2 - Coloring
 Favorite Thing #3 - Cheese Balls

Crazy Hair!

Kaylee's hair is growing so fast all of a sudden. I giggle looking at her hair even a few months ago!
I'm so excited, because now we can actually play with it!

And sculpt it!

 And wear bows!

Random August Collection

 August went by SO FAST! I'm looking through all the picture from my phone, and I can't remember what day when with what! So here's just a random collection of our August :)

Saturday Morning cartoons

Graham Cracker snacks

 Skype Pro!

Playdates and Sushi with Cousins.
 Laughing at the Iowa folks because it was actually like 87 this day!

 Kaylee's favorite thing... Playing outside half naked.
 Playing with her big baby
Sharing with Big Baby
 Finally organized!
 This little someone waiting for me every morning :)
 Someone not so happy about waking up!
 Monkey got his drivers lisence this month too...
 He's a pretty good driver!


What is it about mealtime that is just so fun and photo worthy? Hence why we picked a cute highchair that would match any outfit ;)

This is my newest fav picture of Miss Kaylee. You can see her little teeth so well. What a ham!

Something sour :)

All done!

I still don't know what this means. She has been doing it since she was a newborn!

and Sharing :)

If You're Happy and You Know It... Shout HURRAY!

Several several months ago, you may remember the video of Kaylee (I mean, Mom) singing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" and Kaylee showing off her clapping skills..

Well, I'm happy to say all of our rehearsing has finally started to pay off! We've finally added all four parts of the song!

Now to work on getting them all together :P

Playing Catch Up!

Wow, it has been waaaaay too long since I've posted last! July & August were really busy with DianeH Photography, so my personal blog has been on the backburner, unfortunately. But that doesn't mean, I've stopped taking pictures of little Kaylee getting into everything she can imagine!
This last month has been so much fun. Her little personality is really shining through, and I just love watching her learn. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful to Ramon for making sacrifices with me so I'm able to be home with her during the day. I really don't think I would trade it for anything.

It's moments during the day like this, that I just love. Look at all the new stuff she is learning!
We can do puzzles!

We know how to pump gas!

We can wave bye bye

We've gone to heaven in our dreams, and met NaNa!
That's what I'm telling myself anyways. I'd hate to think she is already talking back! haha

and we randomly talk and have full blown conversations

I promise to get you caught up on our life over the last month. It's been busy, it's been messy, and down right funny!

August 31, 2011


We have learned a new word.... and it is ONLY said on important occasions, and isn't a word that is "on demand" or available for performances...

And this word is... "Wowwwwww"

As I said, it's only for special occasions. Like, when you see a giant horse in the middle of WalMart.
 Or you see yourself in the mirror for the first time with a huge bow.
 Or you get caught eating handfuls of Cheese Balls...