December 10, 2010

Holy Freaking Moly it's COLD!

This just isn't fair! Check out the forecast for Sunday and Sunday night! I know "one day" I'll get use to it and won't feel the need to post it on facebook and my blog, but for now, humor me.... HOLY FREAKING MOLY! THAT IS COLD! Why WHY on earth must it get THAT cold?? and WHY did long long time ago, someone decided to let people live here. Geepers. I don't even know what to say. Everyone is telling me that once it gets below freezing that "cold is cold", unless there is wind, of course. Then it's just flat out miserable, and the "natives" here agree! I guess it could go the other way in Texas. Once it's above 100, "hot is hot", but the wind is actually helpful in that case.
Okay, let's end on a positive note. One nice thing is I don't have to stress about Kaylee "mommy milk" thawing out. IT IS FROZEN EVERYWHERE YOU TURN!!! :)

December 9, 2010

5 Months Old!

This month has FLOWN by!! We spent half of it in Texas visiting for Thanksgiving, it's started snowing in Minnesota, and baby Bayla was born. BUSY MONTH! This (again) has been my favorite month with little Kaylee. Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be saying that EVERY month? She is so much fun, and such a little show off. I think we definitely have a social butterfly on our hands!

Kaylee, New This Month:
- You're exploring new noises. You love making raspberries now! You discovered this over Thanksgiving and crack up when someone does it back to you.
- You've found you loud SQUEAL! You will just be laying there and all of a sudden, SQUEAL! haha. It cracks you up, but sometimes scares you. You will jump from crying, to squealing, to laughing within seconds.
- You're still working hard to roll over. You have the arch perfected, but just haven't QUITE gotten all the way over except a couple of times.
- YOU LOVE AVACADOS! We just tried them tonight to celebrate your 5 month birthday, and it was a hit.
- A little tooth bud is starting to poke through. You definitely have days that we can tell it is bothering you, but hold a cold can of Coke up to you (your favorite thing), and you're instantly happy. It's so cute to watch you grab the can and bring it STRAIGHT to your mouth. I'm sure the cold feels nice on your gums.
- People love your cheeks. We get comments almost daily "OMG! I love her cheeks!" You're so stinkin' cute!
- You are still wearing size 2 diapers, and finally fit into 3-6 month clothes. It seemed like you didn't fit into them and then the next day, you're filling them out perfectly!
- You saw your first snow, and well... you didn't really seem to enjoy it! Well maybe it's the cold outside and the wind. Luckily we have a bazillion cute blankets to keep you warm!
- Putting you to sleep has become one of my favorite parts of the day now! I remember only a couple months ago how I dreaded bedtime because you would fight it so much. Now, you nurse, read a book, snuggle for a minute or two (just because mommy loves it), then put you into bed. You love your Lambie and ipod. They make falling asleep soooo easy!
- Since you've gotten the hang of soothing yourself to sleep, you've rubbed a bald spot on the back of your head. I don't know how, but the hair on the back of your head keeps getting shorter and shorter! At least the rest of your hair is starting to grow! It's okay, I love your little "baby mullet tupee).
- A big milestone! Your first plane ride! You did sooo good! And loved all the attention at the airport.

I love watching you learn and explore. I'm so proud of you already :)

December 7, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Well, we survived! We waited through our very first line to see Santa. But, I must admit... it wasn't so bad. This tiny town definitely has its pearks, in a little right places! Instead of a 45+ minute long line to see Santa, with screaming kids and mean elves.... We got to enjoy a pancake breakfast and a 10 minute line to see Santa!

Oh, and the best part??? Pictures were only $1 each!!!! Oh yeah, just admit it... you know you're jealous!

Tis the Season...

... to put your baby in a box! Sorry, I just couldn't resist myself. And she did SO GOOD! I can't wait to take more in all of her little Christmas outfits. This is just the beginning :)
 What a little ham
 These turned out to be my favorite. So sweet and peaceful

December 3, 2010

Don't Mess with Texas, now, ya hear?!

Little Miss Kaylee is definitely turning out to be a social butterfly! While we were in Texas, we were lucky enough to see a lot of friends and family... and eat at all our favorite places! First stop, CATFISH! My cousin, Jennifer, & Kendall went with us. I love spending time with them :) They are really special to me.

Second stop, Chick-fil-A! And look who we found! JORDAN! Laura Howe was also there with her family! PLUS, several of Moms friends... it was the place to be that day.
Next on the list, Sushi Date with Stacey McKendry & Ashley McRay at my favorite restaurant, Pirahnas Killer Sushi. Lauren Wolfe & Kayla Folger met us too! So it turned into a Sigma Chi Sweetheart lunchdate :)

Mom helped to make sure I was able to go to all my favorite restaurants while in town! She was a good sport... So, we we couldn't forget to make a stop at Wing Stop! Mmmm, I love their fries!

We also had some good ol' home cookin... Like Spring Rolls.
Aren't we fancy!! Kimberly made these! (Whitney was there in spirit!)

Okay, enough about food. It's making me hungry! Since it was Thanksgiving, we were able to be with family! We loved it so much. And of course... stopped for a few photo opps with family :)

Uncle Ted and Susan :) Growing up, Uncle Ted was little a second Dad to me. 
I knew I could always count on him... I love seeing him & Susan with Kaylee.

Kaylee definitely loves her Aunt Whitney & Uncle Todd
One of my favorite photos from the week

The week wouldn't be complete without a picture with my Granny. If you know me, you know how special she is to me. I'm so grateful that she has been able to love on Kaylee. I love Pa, NaNa, & Judy Baby so much, and I never take it for granted when Granny is able to be with us.
I know I will treasure these pictures one day :)

Kaylee and I wanted to stop and visit with my friend, Blythe, and meet new little 3 week old Owen! 
Isn't he so sweet??
So since they were both so cute. We did a photoshoot, DUH!
I can't believe how big she has gotten! And I can't believe she was as tiny as Owen only 4 months ago!

Next stop! To see my friend Anna and her 11 month old son, Carter! 
Aren't the so cute?!! Look at all those cheeks and baby rolls between the two of them!
 Uh oh, photo time is over haha

And our final stop of the Texas Tour... Mary Kay Girls Night Out!
These ladies are my mentors in MK, family, and faith. They are the most amazing, supportive, energetic, and faith-filled group of people I know.

Unfortunately, all the fun had to come to an end at some point. :(
We stopped by to see Mom (aka Pippy) at school to give her one more big hug.

 Then off to Dad & Kimberlys (aka Pa&KK)
 The official send off! We love y'all! See you at Christmas in a MONTH! :)

First Thanksgiving!

Kaylee didn't get to have sweet potatoes and turkey, but she seemed to enjoy her cereal just fine!

All the fun wore her out!

Next year, she can enjoy the rest of the yummy spread!

December 1, 2010

Up! Up! And Away!

Kaylee had her first plan ride to Texas last week. It was just the two of us. Ramon stayed behind so I could stay longer to visit my parents, and so he got to go hunting like he REALLY wanted to do. So we were both happy! So off we go, just me and Kaylee, to Texas for 10 days! 

Everyone at the airport was really helpful. We were definitely organized. Kaylee chilled in the Baby Bjorn so I could have my hands free,  and she LOVED it! She cooed and laughed at all the people walking by. She definitely got lots of attention.

Kaylee is liking to stretch out lately, and practice rolling over. So we decided to stretch out a bit before getting on the stuffy plane. Poor thing didn't like the loud speaker! Look at how she reacted lol
 And.... she passed out as we were boarding! PERFECT TIMING!!

She did so good. She was awake for most of the flight, but slept right through her ears popping and all that mess! I was soo nervous about it before the flight for no reason. She was a trooper.

The majority of the flight, she was either staring at the funny looking guy next to us, or the "fasten seat beat" sign. Whatever keeps her occupied!

High Tech Toilet

Okay okay, this is a random post, I admit. But #1 - this blog is suppose to be about all the new things we are experiencing in Minnesota, and well... this is definitely something new for me. And #2 - if you knew my nickname in college, then you know why I'm so fascinated by this!

Check it out! Looks like a spaceship, huh?
NOPE! Tricked ya... It's a toilet!
What the heck!! Do you see the massive warning label?? Anyways, just had to share. I called my Mother-in-Law into the bathroom to check it out. It even had a seatwarmer haha

Oh.... And i found a sushi restaurant within 30 minutes! :)

November 15, 2010

Open Wide!

For weeks now, Kaylee has been eye-ing our food, almost begging worse than the dogs! I originally wanted to wait until 6 months to start any solid foods, but we feel almost mean NOT giving her some food. I mean gosh, the poor kiddo is trying SO HARD to get it in her mouth!
So... we gave in. Grandma Bena and Grandpa were home, so they got to join in on the fun, and Daddy stood by with the video camera.

And she loved it!

 More please!
 Oh yummy!

 Ahhhh... finally!

So the cereal was a hit! She loved it. Just one more week until Thanksgiving! Sweet Potatoes anyone?