June 28, 2011

Good Morning!

Oh I love mornings now! I use to dread it... Before Kaylee, I dreaded it because it meant I had to go to work soon haha. After Kaylee, I dreaded it because she didn't really let me sleep during the night so I was exhausted. Now, she wakes up just before Daddy leaves for work then falls back to sleep for a few hours.... so by the time Kaylee is REALLY awake, I'm already up and just watching the monitor waiting to go play with her!
First thing is first every morning, and she loves it.... take Petrie outside to potty. Normally I'm carrying her, but now that she is walking more (*tear), she wants to practice practice.... 

I noticed our shadows this morning, and it just made my heart hurt.
She will be one year old in just over another week...

I can't believe she is growing so fast. 

How much longer until she won't need me to hold her hand...


Someone has a new friend

Miss Kaylee Claire has found a new friend. And I think she loves him! Every time she sees him, she rolls all over him and just snuggles. Every. Single. Time.  It's so cute seeing her show affection to a fuzzy monkey.

A Girl Loves Her Some Shoes

Seriously, this is a daily occurrence. Wait, scratch that.... what's the word for, "like 10 times a day" lol.
If ANYONE ever EVER asks me what I do all day, I now have visual proof...

Before Kaylee...

After Kaylee...

Enough said :)

Splish Splash!

Kaylee had a BLAST today at the Water Park in Spring Grove, Mn. This was her first time in a pool that she was old enough to comprehend what was going on haha. Last year, she was just a few weeks old and practically fell asleep "laying out". This time, she was full blown crawling, cruising, kicking, laughing, SCREAMING... the whole works!

 As you can tell, she had a blast!

For all the grandparents, YES WE PUT ON SUNSCREEN!! Alrighty?? haha... so no need to ask!
In fact, I even reapplied for her half way through the afternoon! {gasp! hehe}
Here is proof! See that tiny bottle she wouldn't let go of? That's sunscreen.

This is what the pool looks like. Pretty cool, huh??
We hung out right near that little platform most of the time.
I even ran her through that purple fountain a couple of times, she actually thought it was funny! 
I was shocked...
  I let her take a baby along for the day in case she was nervous. 
At first, she was shy and held on tight to the baby!
(AND sucked her thumb?? Not really sure what that's about. I've seen her do that, like, MAYBE 10 times ever. haha)
 Eventually though, she got comfortable and off she went... leaving baby in the dust.
 Tongue out again. Once she figured out she could crawl in the water, there was no stoppin her.

The best part was Jill & Emily came along with their kiddos too! Jordan, Grace, Lily, Bennett, Caden, and Carson! They are ALL just so sweet to Kaylee, I love it! Thanks for a fun day y'all,  definitely again soon!

June 26, 2011


AHHH! I can't believe it! She is getting better and better, but it all started right here with 3 tiny steps and a tumble!

Happy Father's Day!

This post is a little late, but you'll forgive me, right?? Anyways, we had a great Father's Day weekend! A bit rainy and icky, but we still had fun. Got the bikes out, of course... and met all the Cremer's in Lansboro for a Father's Day lunch! It was yummy, and Kaylee sported her "My Dad is totally awesome" tshirt :)

Once we got home, Ramon got to open some of his gifts. Our main gift to each other for Mom/Dad Days were our bikes... so the rest is just for fun!

(insert pic here VERY soon)

I did one for my dad too. haha

And Ramons Dad... haha I'm seriously addicted to these. They are cracking me up!
(insert pic soon)

Holidays like this are so hard to be away from home. I never realized it until the shoe was on MY foot, ya know? Luckily (or un-luckily) Granny wasn't feeling so good, and was in the hospital for a few days. Dad & Kimberly went to Lufkin to take care of her, so he was a little distracted with Granny stuff. We were all really worried, but I'm happy to say she is feeling MUCH better now! Maybe Granny got sick to secretly distract us :)

Pancakes. Mmmm

Kaylee and I got a wild hair and decided to make pancakes for breakfast this week! Yummm....
 I tried to break them up, but she liked it better whole :)

Dance Dance

I just love her! Miss Kaylee is starting to perfect her dance moves a bit. 

We've progressed from the one arm swing like this...

...To the two arm twist + head shake like this. haha

But no worries, the booty bump is still VERY much apart of the dance :)

June 17, 2011

Finger Painting for Dad - Take One

So I thought it would be cute to let Kaylee paint a picture for Ramon for his very first Father's Day... I ALSO thought this would be a fun experience for ME AND Kaylee. Finger painting just seems like one of those fun things you remember from when you were a kid, and it was so fun. I guess (until now) I never thought about how stressful it was for MY Mom haha. 

So, I prepared the floor by taping down a lot of paper so she could crawl around. Ya know, just in case... Well, she didn't care anything about the paper, or painting, or making a picture. In fact, every time I tried to teach her or put her hand on the paper, she would cry and get mad at me... 

She DID, however, LOVE playing with the tubs of paint and stacking them on top of eachother!

 So after many pages of ripped and wrinkled paper (which many of you know I can't STAND wrinkled paper),  and many meltdowns because of me trying to "help" (note to self: she is just as sweet and stubborn as I am!)... we moved to the bathtub!

So instead of painting a pretty picture for Daddy... we painted the walls :)

 A MUCH happier Kaylee and Mommy :)
 So proud of her new masterpiece

 Oh geez, whose idea was this again??? I didn't think about cleaning up the mess afterwards!

A little extra :)

More Playdates!

This week has been play date galore! And we've loved it!!
We had our fun "out of state" play date (hehe) on Monday. Then Thursday, I had to do some photography stuff up in the Cities on Wednesday, so Kaylee got to play with Bria and Toby for a couple of hours!! They went on a nice walk, and did a little shopping :)
Bria and I also with nuts at IKEA getting new furniture for the sitting room in my new studio for DianeH! We are setting it up this weekend, I can't wait to see how it comes together! Bria is so good at what she does :)

Then Friday (today), we had a group play date with the Johnsons & Millers... it was a little nuts, but fun. Kaylee was shy at first, but eventually got right in there with the rest!

June 15, 2011

First Happy Meal!

Miss Kaylee had her very first Happy Meal with Grandma Bena! As soon as she saw the bag, she got really excited. I'm not too sure how she knew what was about to happy lol

 Going for the toy first
 And trying to eat it
 Alright! Chicken Nugget time!
 And a little dip dip. Mmmm soooo good!
 Thanks Grandma! It was yummy!

June 14, 2011

First Wisconsin Play Date

Kaylee had a play date today! YAY! We finally got to meet another Mommy & Baby from my online Mommy Group. The group started when we were pregnant, and was a place for us to go feel "normal" & talk eachothers heads off about baby stuff... I seriously think these girls saved Ramon and I from a few fights (and from me annoying him so much haha).
Anyways, when we moved up here, I found out another Momma (Jamie) is about an hour away from us!!!
One of her friends just had a baby, so I went to take his newborn photos... while I was with baby Jack, Alison & Kaylee got to play! They are so cute

Look how short Kaylee looks! haha
 Mmmm cracker
  Oh Miss Ali, you're so cute. So smiley! And Kaylee just stares at her like "who the heck are you?"

Then time to attempt a group shot with the camera phone timer propped on top of the car!
Take One. Oops
 Take 2. Even worse!
 Take 3. All in, yay! But far and girls are being funny.
 Take 4. Girls looking at creepy neighbor
 Take 5. Where ya going Ali?
 Take 6. OMG GIRLS! Look at the camera! haha
TAKE 7! We give up :)