January 24, 2011


Wow, what a busy weekend!! We even had to break it up into 3 blog posts! We finished off the weekend with another birthday party, but this time for the adult birthdays!! Bria, Steve, & Rachel!

Grown up birthdays call for grown up juice. :)
Birthday cupcakes for the birthday girls (and boy)


Happy 2nd Birthday Ari!!

After a fun morning at the Minnesota Children's Museum, we went into the party room to celebrate Ari's 2nd birthday party! She is loving the Super Why show, so it was a fitting them!
The Super Why gang
Zac pretending to be Princess Pea. Sorry Zac... you pose, I post! haha
A slideshow of Ari's last year. It's crazy how much she has changes so fast!

 There were SO MANY presents!

 Time for CAKE! Mmmmm
  She dove right in lol
"Mmmm Mmmm soooo good"
 Kaylee was so worn out from the Museum that she missed most of the party. But woke up just in time for some hugs from her Bria!

Chase just being Chase lol... Either that, or some sort of birthday hat dinosaur lol

... And more presents!
 Really Zac?
Another year down. High five!

 Whew! All done!

Day at the Museum "HabiTOT"

This weekend we came up to St Paul to celebrate Ari's 2nd birthday at the Minnesota Childrens Museum! Before the party, the girls got to play for a few hours and had a BLAST! There was a section just for babies called the "Habitot"... hehe. 

Kaylee started the morning by doing a little fishing with Daddy.
Waiting patiently...

We spent most of our time in the baby lily pad. This was made especially for crawlers. Kaylee isn't exactly crawling, but was fascinated by the ones that were!
 Gazing into the tot-sized mirrors

While Kaylee was chillin' in the lily pad, Ari was making her way through
the cave and prairie with Grandma Bena.

 Now off to the Asian-inspired exhibit. Kaylee enjoyed a sushi picnic with Grandma Bena
Then a little drum time :) She is a pro

 Off to the river to explore the fishes and trickling water!
 Look! It's Kaylee...
 As a turtle!
 Okay Mom, enough of that! But we got stuck! lol oops
 Our next stop was the human-sized ant hill! But there were WAY too many big kids, we didn't stay long. Kaylee was more focused on playing with her daddy.
 Hi Be-Bop! Glad you could join us :)

Okay, fun's over! Now off to the birthday party we go!