October 3, 2011

Walnut Picking with Grandma/Grandpa

Yesterday was a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. I mean, beautiful! And sort of warm! YIPPEE! Too bad the weather turned pretty right when Dad/KK/Granny left. 
Bria & Charlie were in town visiting, and it turned into a fun/relaxing weekend. After all the football games, Kaylee went outside to help Grandma in the yard. She "helped" water the flowers, and decided to sit in the puddles a few times too. Then, we all went to the backyard to help collect all the fallen walnuts from the tree.

Kaylee was so cute helping! She would pick up the "ball" and chunk it in the bucket. Over and over :) 

... and over... and over!
She was on a mission!

It wouldn't be a day with Kaylee without pausing to inspect the belly button :)

Okay now... we're back to work!

After a while, she decided to start helping Grandpa. He was in charge of taking the buckets over to the woods for the squirrels to eat... or get it out of the yard... however you choose to look at it :)

Well, then she decided her new job was to take the walnuts OUT of the bucket :)
So Grandma distracted her with a new task...

HOLD THE BUCKET! aka (in Kaylee's world)... purse (or "ursh"). I love this last one, it's so her right now! When you ask her a question, she'll twist her hand up and say "uduna!" (I don't know!)...

So I asked Kaylee.... "Kaylee, what did you do today?".... "uduna?" At least she has the pictures to prove it :)

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