February 19, 2012

... and we're back!

AH! I've been SO bad about blogging! I wish I could back up and catch up completely, but I know that's not realistic. SO, I'm promising myself to blog like I use to. I love looking back at this time last year, and seeing the small parts of our day.
SO, here's our new start!

Kaylee and I have signed up for Mommy & Me Dance Classes. They start this coming week. I'm so excited! Kaylee's ballet slippers came in the mail, and I couldn't wait to watch her try them on... I never imagined THIS would happen...

She started dancing!
Oh gosh, it was adorable! She just twirled and twirls. I sure hope she loves class as much as she loves her shoes!!

We've been practicing a little at home too. Rachel & Ari introduced us to the "Elmo Slide" youtube video...

It's definitely a new favorite :)

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