March 24, 2011

Wanna Peek?

Here's just a little peek into our normal day... They are definitely getting more interesting :) AND I LOVE IT!
Now that little squirt is on the move, that means that Mommy is too :) Hence the random 8 pounds I lost without knowing it! WHAT?! Am I bragging??? Uuuuuuh yeah you could say so! (hehe sorry, just really excited) Now Ramon can't rub it in my face anymore when I go back for seconds (or thirds) and eat a Snickers Ice Cream bar before bed! Gotta have the calories to burn all this extra moving around, ya know...

 So here we are in the morning. She is so good at entertaining herself as long as she is standing.

 Changing diapers has turned into a game. And a chance to escape naked!

Watching Mommy make lunch or something. She likes to crawl around while I get things done. Gotta really keep an eye on her though. She is getting fast!
 And Daddy comes home from work! Will you play with me, pleeeeeeease?
(how can you say no to a little girl wearing her daddys TEXAS Rangers hat??)

KC has a new love for feeding herself, and for sucking on cold things. SO we kick two birds with one stone and enjoy a little fresh fruit in her little fruit-net-snack-thingy. 

Around 8:45pm, it's time for bed! She goes to bed most nights without any fussing. So proud of her!
I love how she sleeps... little tush up in the air!

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