March 9, 2011

Kaylee's Golden Month

Happy 8 Month Birthday Kaylee! This month is your "golden" month since you were born on the 8th :)
Last night we went to Red Lobster to celebrate Daddy's birthday that's next week, and the waiters sang happy birthday to BOTH of you. I wish I had a picture. You LOVED them singing. You sat in your high chair, leaning back just smiling at the waiters. What a ham! It was good practice for your REAL birthday party this summer!
This month has been such a big month! You learn something new every day, I just love it. It is so fun to see the look on your face when you finally accomplish something new. You are so determined! I've been more grateful this month to be home with your than ever. I've always loved it, but just thinking of all the little things I would have missed makes me realize that this WAS a good move for us. I'm sure you'll never realize the sacrifices we made to move away so far, but that's okay. Every giggle, our snuggle time in the morning, and watching you explore the world without a time limitation makes it all worth it. There are days that we don't get out of our pj's, and people may call us lazy, but we don't care. Laying on the floor watching you wiggle over me is the best part of my day :)

New This Month:
- Mommy is officially WELL below pre-Kaylee weight (sorry, just had to document our accomplishment!) Kaylee, you've definitely helped, because you LOVE to eat and are always on the move
- You're is learning new sounds. Da-da-da.  Ba-ba-ba, Tih-Tih, ma-na-na. You're starting to put sounds together and love to hear yourself babble.
- We are on all fours! Rocking and scooting around. Every day you get closer to crawling. You are still finding ways to get around though. Most of the time, you'll get up on your knees then push forward, fall, then pulls with your hands. We just need to get arms and legs moving together and you'll be GONE. (off to college... oh geez)
- You've learned how to go from your tummy to sitting up! You'll still get stuck on your side sometimes, but you've done it!
- We still love to snuggle in the morning. Oh, this is my favorite! I take full advantage of being able to do this, because I know it won't last forever.
- Your little giggle in the morning when you sees Petrie and Lizzie for the first time cracks me up.
- You are pulling yourself up! You want to stand SO BADLY. Everyone that sees you jokes that you'll will be walking before you're crawling. Uh oh!
- You're getting more and more coordinated! You can clap, it is so cute. You get so excited and will bounce and smile so big.
- You're learning to wave. You have the motion down, and if someone waves at you, sometimes you wave back. It's usually delayed a little after a giggle, but it's still cute.
- The word "no" makes you laugh lol. You'll shake your head side-to-side and just laugh. "no no noooo".
- Like I said, you're getting mobile even without actually crawling! You love to sit up on your knees and pull all your toys out of your tub. That will entertain you for a good 30 minutes to an hour!
- Banging lids together is funny to you. You might even be a little drummer because you will bang bang bang on anything and anyone. You'll just bang and bounce and laugh and have a good ol time! I think you look around too, hoping someone is watching. Because as soon as you get eye-contact, you laugh and bounce and bang more lol
- We are experimenting more with foods. We've stopped following the "rules" and give you so many little scraps of "big people food". Your new favorite baby food is puree apple with cinnamon! You LOVE it.... Plum? Not so much.
- Dinner time at restaurants isn't scary anymore. As long as we have "little stars" or a Mum-Mum, we are golden. You look like such a big girl sitting in the high chair at a restaurant... and I'll tell ya, you LOVE the attention you get!
- You're wearing size 3 diapers. And 6-9 month clothes.

I'm so proud of everything you are learning. You have such a determined little personality, and love being the center of attention. I can't wait to see what new things you learn this next month!

Love you my little chicken nugget! :)


  1. What an awesome Mommy you are! I love your insightful comments to Kaylee. She is a lucky little girl!

  2. They have Red Lobster up there? Tell Ramon Happy Bday