August 24, 2011


Pippy came to visit us! This time it was for an entire week!! But it still went by way too fast :(
When Pippy arrived, we did what any girl would do... SHOE SHOPPING!

Shoe shopping with a walking toddler was MUCH different than any other experience so far. She was on a run, and didn't let the extra shoes slow her down.

 She finally picked a pair of shoes. At Nordstrom of all places! BUT it's her very first pair of Sperry's!
And they are soooo stinking cute! They even came with a built in purse.
 Aren't they adorable?!
 She was sooo so proud of herself!

During the week, we headed to Spring Grove for one last trip to the water park. We decided to try a random restaurant, and now it's one of my new favorite spots! It's cute AND yummy!
 ... oh, and Kaylee liked the decor. She even gave him kisses. And walked up to our waitress to tell her "bye bye".

And to our destination! Kaylee loooooved it. As soon as she saw the water, she started squealing lol. And she, surprisingly, even wore her sunglasses!
 She was ALL OVER the place.

 Big Baby got to make the trip as usual
 Pip & Kaylee on the slide.... before
 ... AFTER!

While Mom was in town, she helped us get the indoor hot tub all clean and ready to roll. Oh goodie!!

We even went for a bike ride on a nice afternoon :)

We had a few lazy days around the house too... Kaylee decided we needed to sweep the floors though. She was busy busy!
 She checked all the spots where food is normally dropped... but I think Petrie beat her to it!
 Thaaaaat's the spot!
 Now, over here too...
 The weather was nice enough to enjoy a meal or two outside :)

I just love this face... she had a blast!

Unfortunately, it's time to say bye bye! :( 
But Kaylee wasn't ready... so she packed up, and was ready to head back to Texas!
Love you Mom. We can't wait for our next visit :)

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