August 15, 2011

Obama was in town!

President Obama drove through town! It was the highlight of the day. I was on my way back from Decorah, Iowa at a newborn photo session, and Obama was said to be coming down Highway 52 (the same highway that cuts through town, and that I was driving on. There was police at EVERY street on the entire highway.... no lie... there was no getting on or off the highway without police seeing you.

He had a full entourage. Helicopters, military, vans, vans, trucks, more vans... LITERALLY more than 40 vehicles surrounding his bus. And that doesn't even count the unmarked cars too! 

It was insane.... but cool to watch and say we saw the President :)

So here is Miss Kaylee waiting patiently on the side of the road.
As he drove through Harmony, he gave a little wave to everyone on the streets. 

I'm not an Obama banwagon lover... but he is our President, so it's still pretty cool! Sometime neat to mark in the baby book... first time to see the president, CHECK! :)

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