December 1, 2010

Up! Up! And Away!

Kaylee had her first plan ride to Texas last week. It was just the two of us. Ramon stayed behind so I could stay longer to visit my parents, and so he got to go hunting like he REALLY wanted to do. So we were both happy! So off we go, just me and Kaylee, to Texas for 10 days! 

Everyone at the airport was really helpful. We were definitely organized. Kaylee chilled in the Baby Bjorn so I could have my hands free,  and she LOVED it! She cooed and laughed at all the people walking by. She definitely got lots of attention.

Kaylee is liking to stretch out lately, and practice rolling over. So we decided to stretch out a bit before getting on the stuffy plane. Poor thing didn't like the loud speaker! Look at how she reacted lol
 And.... she passed out as we were boarding! PERFECT TIMING!!

She did so good. She was awake for most of the flight, but slept right through her ears popping and all that mess! I was soo nervous about it before the flight for no reason. She was a trooper.

The majority of the flight, she was either staring at the funny looking guy next to us, or the "fasten seat beat" sign. Whatever keeps her occupied!

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  1. So glad you had a good flight experience and didn't make everyone on the plane wish your baby would be sleeping. =) When I flew in to Japan, I had my first experience with that awesome toilet. Mine actually played music. I took video, so I completely see where you are coming from. You were here for 10 whole days, that is awesome. See this living away isn't so bad after all.