November 11, 2010

4 Months Old

Kaylee Claire,
You are already 4 months old! It was a busy day because your baby cousin, Bayla Safya, was born! But I didn't forget to give you a big hug and say Happy Birthday. Over the weekend, I went to Las Vegas to celebrate Leahs wedding. I missed you SO MUCH. Everywhere I turned, there was a little baby your age, and I couldn't wait to get home and see you so I could play with you like all the other mommies were. This has been a really fun month. You are no longer a newborn! You are becoming a little mini person with your own little personality. It is so fun to watch you learn. You can just stare at your hand for minutes at a time, just looking at it from every angle. Everyday, you figure out something new and are always coming up with new ways to entertain yourself.

New This Month:
- You are loving tummy time! YAY! It doesn't last long, but we are starting to get a few smiles from you while you're down there and you can push yourself up on your tummy!
- You can roll over from tummy to back. It's only happened a few times so far, and is more like a little flip, but still... you've done it!
- You're working on rolling from back to tummy. You try so hard to reach for your toys and are rolling up on your side a lot. You'll flip all the way over in no time.
- You love smiling at yourself in the mirror.
- You had your first cold this month. It came right as the weather starting changing. You were having the hardest time sleeping through the night because of the boogies, but baby Vicks on your feet + froggie humidifier helped a lot!
- Now when we read books at bedtime, you are paying attention, and are starting to try to help turn the page.
- You are wearing size 2 diapers.
- You are still wearing size 0-3 month clothes! Some of the 3-6 month outfits fit you, but the majority are still too big.
- You LOVE your thumb! It's so funny to see your eyes light up when you first find it. You love it so much that you try to stick it in your mouth WHILE eating.... it doesn't work out so well. I have started holding your hand while you eat so you stay focused longer and the thumb doesn't sneak in!
- Speaking of eating... You are starting to get distracted easily, but it's so cute. You will roll back and just gaze up at me until I look back at you. Then you smile, and go back to eating. It's starting to turn into a cute little game.
- My favorite thing about this month, is that you are laughing and starting to squeal when excited. You get louder and louder and seem to love watching our reaction.
- Everything within reach now goes straight into your mouth. When we were at the hospital to meet baby Bayla, you were chilling in the baby bjorn while I was shopping in the gift shop. I reached up to grab a gift from the top shelf, and look down and you suddenly have a new toy in your hands headed straight for your mouth. You reached out while I wasn't looking, and pulled the toy off the shelf! It was a soft bear rattle thing and already covered in drool. So you won that one, and got to take it home! Smart girl :)
- You're still drooling like crazy, as you can tell. But a new thing, you have started spitting up! Not sure what that's about, but at least we get to really use all the cute burb clothes you have!
- Your favorite toy right now is Baby Neptune from Baby Einstein. You can be crying hysterically, hold him up to you and play his music, and you instantly stop crying, and often even crack a smile! We don't let him get very far away from us.
- Since you are loving to sit up and look around, we thought you would like to play sitting up too! So Grandpa Steve & Grandma Bena got you an exersaucer. You LOVE it! You're still a little small for it, so we have to shove blankets around to help hold you up, but you will play in that thing for a good 30-45 minutes at a time. Your favorite is the light-up lizard that sings.
- You are getting better at Skype. That is how we talk to your grandparents in Texas! Right now, you just stare at the screen with your mouth wide open, but are definitely fascinated. I am excited for when you start to respond... I know Pippy, Pa&KK, Wuelo&Grandma Texas are excited too!
- You are getting better and better at our bedtime routine. We eat, read a book or two, snuggle, then lay in bed until you fall asleep. As soon as you hear your bedtime cd and Lambie, you know it's time for bed. You've still been sleeping in the boppy pillow, but will start to transition out of it. We had our first full night without the boppy on your 4 month birthday!

Happy 4 Month Birthday my little Sweet 'ems!

Oh! And here's a sneak peek at our 4 month photo shoot. We are having a little more trouble with getting this one right. We usually wait until the sun is right about 4:30-5pm to do our shoot, but now the sun is going down sooner and we are missing the mark between naps! haha. Either way, we have at least one cute one to show for it!

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