November 1, 2010

A Year Ago at Wal-Mart

Wow... a year ago TODAY I found out I was pregnant. I remember that entire day so well. It was a sunday. A little rainy and a great day for football. In fact I broke the news to Ramon between the Cowboys game and the Vikings game. He was so excited to be able to watch BOTH that day... any conversation with me might be disrupting the game! haha.

We woke up that morning and laid there talking for a while. The "when can we have a baby" convo came up... again. I told Ramon how I didn't think I was ready yet, and how much it scared me. Then half awake I figured "what the heck", and tried a prego test, just to make sure. I left it in the bathroom, then went to watch the Cowboys game with Ramon... Forgetting ALL about it. A little after halftime, I happened to glace at the test (mostly to throw it away so Ramon wouldn't see)... and what do I see?! Two lines?? So what's the first thing I do? I call my friend Julie and ask her what to do. I was frozen! "Maybe the test sat out too long and got messed up", I thought. Julie told me to rush straight to Wal-Mart to get a digital test just to make sure. So I did! I wasn't in a state of mind to be making my own decisions, so she coached me step-by-step on what to do lol. So... I ran to Wal-Mart, shaking the entire way. I was at Wal-Mart for over TWO HOURS "buying ketchup". Julie told me to go ahead and take the test so I didn't have to wait until I was home...

So there I was... in the Wal-Mart bathroom stall.... Remember, Julie is on the phone for ALL of this coaching me "okay open it. pee on the stick. drink more water. pee on the stick" haha. Test #1 - Positive, Test #2 - Positive. I start bawling. I was so overwhelmed! Excited, scared, and surprised all at once. I didn't even think about NOT being the only person in the bathroom. You would think I would have had this moment in the privacy of my own home, but you see, I didn't think it would be a "moment". I just KNEW the tests were going to be negative! Well, I come out of the stall, and there is a women waiting for me by the sink... I try to sneak past her, and she walks up to me and says in the most comforting voice, "Sweetie, it's all going to be okay. Your mom WILL understand one day... I promise." OMG! She thought I was in high school or something!! I turned bright red and ran off... still on the phone.

As soon as I got home, I asked Ramon to look in the bag to see what I bought. I was SO NERVOUS. I always imagined this moment being something I planned out so perfectly. But I was too nervous to even think straight. He found a little "I love Daddy" bib and tiny baby socks in the bag, then looked at me sort of mad and sort of confused... "Is this a joke??" (remember, we JUST had the baby conversation!) Anyways, once he saw the look on my face, he realized I wasn't joking and was so cute after that. The Vikings game didn't even matter at that point :) We spent the rest of the day at Barnes & Noble in the baby book section.

As much as I wish this story was a sweet, little fairy tale story.... it's not haha. And it wouldn't be OUR story if there wasn't some sort of confusion or chaos involved. From that day, everything changed. I was so scared for things to change, but looking back and looking at little Kaylee everyday, I realize it was the best change that could ever happen :) It was the best day.


  1. It IS a sweet story and someday she'll LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing D!!!

  2. But you will never ever forget that story, and it's such a great story to tell!