November 15, 2010

OOooh Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Wuelo & Grandma Texas came to visit from Houston! They came to meet baby Bayla, so we went up to the cities to see them. The trip was quick, but we really loved getting to see them. It has been too long and we've really missed them. They bought Kaylee some Baby Cereal, so we will be trying that VERY soon. Kaylee seems ready.

Kaylee is starting to really interact while playing. It's so fun.

We had our first snow come through this weekend. Harmony didn't get much, but we had a LOT up in the Cities. Here is Rachel & Zac's backyard. They are saying 7in-10in easily!

Kaylee decided to get outside in her new snowsuit and have some fun!
She wasn't too sure about it
 Okay, scratch that... she was SURE she hated it haha. Poor thing.
 My camera was in the car most of the weekend, and I was too warm inside to go out and get it. So we will post more pictures of the weekend as soon as we have them!

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