January 12, 2011

Kaylee is over the first hill... 6 months old!

Dear Kaylee Claire,
Wow, I can't believe it's been half a YEAR already since you were born!! The time has flown by so far. That means it's also half way until your first birthday!! I'm thinking pool party, what do you think? I know every month I say it's my favorite month, but this month has been so much fun. Kaylee, you have such a fun little personality. You smile so much! And you smile at everyone you see! Every day, someone comments on how beautiful you are, and how happy you are. Of course, I agree with them 200%! We still can't agree on who you look like. We hear 95% daddy and 5% mommy, then the next day it's completely opposite. I guess that just means you're a perfect mix :)

- You can OFFICIALLY roll over! Last month, you did it a few times here or there on accident, but this month, you are back and forth, back and forth. Even at bedtime... but that's a whole different post! haha. Your first official roll was during a dinner party and everyone cheered and toasted when you finally got over. You even have your own wine cork in Grandpas cork bowl.
- Thanks to you rolling over, you are now sleeping on your tummy. (shh don't tell anyone!) You always get really mad as soon as you figure out you're on your tummy, but if I move you, you flip right back. So... we are in the process of learning to love it... both of us :) Maybe this means your bald spot will grow back now! Oh, and when you ARE on your tummy, you seem to like one leg propped up on the side of your bed.
- We've moved out of the baby bassinet into the pack-n-play. I can't wait to use your beautiful crib. When we find a house, I promise to create your beautiful nursery again!
- I love your giggle! Oh my gosh it's so cute! Peek-a-boo can get you laughing so hard, that I swear, your little tummy has to be sore.
- I think you're starting to get ticklish too! If we give you lots and lots of kisses under your neck or side, you just squeal! 
- You had your first Christmas!! You are quite the little gift opener. You get your hands on the paper and shake your arms as hard as you can. It's so cute. Of course, it goes directly to your mouth, so we have to be careful :)
- You met your Great Grandmas, Grandma Stephanie & Wuela Julia. You love jewelry and nearly pulled Wuelas earring out. Oops!
- Your new favorite toy.... cups! Coke cans, bottled water, beer mugs, plastic cups... you're not picky. As soon as you see one, you reach out, and will quickly demand that you touch it. You grunt until it is yours. We have to hold on tight, because you'll yank it out of our hands.
- Speaking of, you have a STRONG grip! We've had many people comment about your strong grip. You've been known to pull things right now of my hand, even if I'm TRYING to hold on tight.
- You are still wearing size 2 diapers, and 3-6 month clothes. Though I would bet money you'll be on to the next size within the next month.
- You can shake your head side to side, and think it's funny. Probably because we keep saying "no no no kaylee, don't eat that coke can!"
- At your 6 month check up, you got 4 shots and an oral thing. Poor you! You had your first little fever, but snapped out of it by morning. You got to sleep on daddys chest all night, and you slept GREAT! You weigh 17 pounds!! That's in the 70%. Your height is in the 15th% at 24 5/8in long!

This has been such a fun month! I can't believe how big you are getting!

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  1. What a sweet letter! Kaylee Claire is so stinkin' cute! LOVE her (and her Momma and Daddy too)!