January 12, 2011

In true Minnesota Style

... We went Snowshoeing! :) It's pretty much just hiking in the snow, but you don't sink into the snow, so that's why it gets its special name. Oh, and we used actual-real life snow shoes!
We had a fun Sunday afternoon at the farm. After our hike, we had hot dogs at the cabin and just relaxed. It was a lot of fun... GOOD IDEA AUNT JANET!

Here we go! Up the hill. I was pretty confident at this point (we all were)

 Into the woods. I was SO happy it was downhill at this point.
Bad news... that meant it was uphill on the way back!

We made it down to the river... which was FROZEN!
It was my first time to "walk on water" (hehe sorry, couldn't resist). I was tempted to join Chase in making snow angels on the ice, but I didn't want to get wet and even colder than I already was. haha. PLUS, I was taking pictures right?

Now for a few group shots! AKA time to rest!

Chase is just too cute, I had to add these
GG and Kaylee stayed warm in the cabin while we took our 2 mile (or so) hike in the snow. It was LITERALLY "over the river and through the woods". haha... Well needless to say, my legs ached by the next day. I'm thinking GG and Kaylee were the smart ones! :)

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