January 10, 2011

Merry Christmas!

SO Sorry I'm late posting this. Anywho, we had a great Christmas in Texas! We saw lots of family, and traveling to almost every corner of the great state of Texas! haha. We loved getting to see everyone, and Kaylee is definitely a present-opening pro now!

We spent Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in Houston with Wuelo & Grandma Texas. It was fun having the whole group together! Especially with all the new grandbabies!

 Kaylee ready for Christmas!

 Just enjoying a little snuggle. I didn't know I got caught by the camera... haha oops :)


And the gifts begin! Kaylee and Ari seemed to want to play with each others gifts more than their own.

She loved all the crinkly paper and shiny bows.

OOPS! There's a bow on your tush :)

All three grandbabies. I'm really scared of what kind of trouble they are going to get into together.

We made a road trip down to Mission, Texas aka "The Valley" to see Ramons grandma's and family down there. It was fun... and well... an experience! I tried menudo AND cabrito for the first time! If you don't know what it is, just google it. That's all I'm sayin... I'm still in shock that I tried it.

We did get a chance to sneak a few family pics in during the visit. Here's my favorite... 
Yes, it's Kaylee & Bayla! haha

All the Hernandez family grand (and great-grand) kids with Grandma Stephanie (Ramons Dads Mom)

Kaylee loved meeting her Wuela Julia (Ramons Moms Mom)
 They bonded as Kaylee tried to rip off her shiny earring.. oops :)

Then, we made our way up to Fort Worth!  By that point, Kaylee was so off her schedule, Dad (aka Pa) became a pro at soothing her to sleep... They would just walk the backyard and fall asleep to the sound of the fountain in the pool... ahhhh, makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

Once Kaylee was asleep, we worked on a super-awesome, super-HARD puzzle. Did you ever finish it KK?? We waited for after bedtime, because as you can see, everything goes into her mouth right now.
She loved all the great... ahem, yummy... books from Pa&KK!

Kaylee loved her new rocking horse from Aunt Whit & Uncle Todd! 
She held herself up pretty well on it if I do say-so-myself!

Then off the Pippy's house! AKA ToysRUs

Mom (Pippy) has ducks from the lake and creek behind her house. Every morning, they make a visit for a little breakfast. Kaylee was fascinated. 

As I said before... she is now a present-opening PRO. She grabs the edge of the paper and pulls and shakes as hard as she can!

 She is getting SO MUCH FUN!! I love this stage!!

We didn't have a "White Christmas" this year... but no snow meant I was home :) Can't wait to go back.

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  1. I love that Christmas Tree at the very top, sounds like you guys had a good one!!