February 23, 2011

Here fishy fishy fishy

We had one day left in Fort Worth and needed something to do. We had shopped WAAAAY too much already, and it was a little chilly outside, so... off to the Dallas World Aquarium we go! It's a really cool exhibit. It's like an indoor jungle with trees, bridges, waterfalls and animals all around you. Very cool!

 Fascinated by sealife. I wonder where she gets it. Hmmm
Inspecting Pippy's necklace...
 These are my favorites of the day...
 Kaylee looooved the fishes. She could sit there for hours and watch the fish. She does that at home too!
 This is "Mr. Ugly"... we had one in our tank a looong time ago.
 Kaylee wasn't too sure about the Octopus
 Hey look! It's Pa! ;)
 This is suppose to be Kaylee looking at the Cheetos.. I mean, Cheetah. Low light + fast moving animal + no flash due to glass glare = blurry. haha
 Ah yes... the penguins are STILL a big hit. Best part of the day.
 Trying to talk to them... I don't think they were interested in what she had to say.

Thanks for a fun afternoon Mom! PS - note to self for next time.... let's take pictures of US together too! haha


  1. Holy frioles! I cant believe as a fishie enthusiast youve never been to the Dallas World Aquarium! Ive been there like 5 times and it rocks! did you notice a 3-4 story loft to the left of the building? that's one of my former employers offices. When ever we would take smoke breaks, our balcony over looked the penguin pool (which constantly smelled horrible)

  2. haha Brandon. Oh I've been before. Kaylee and my Mom hadn't ;)