February 17, 2011

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall...

We are making a quick visit to Fort Worth this weekend! We woke up last night and had a slow morning while my Mom (Pippy) was at work. As I was getting ready, I placed Kaylee in front of the mirror to keep her entertained, but ended up getting the camera instead of washing my hair... (oops, that will be our little secret!). I think I remember seeing pictures of me at a little one in front of this same mirror, and have MANY memories sitting in this same spot. THIS is where I sat every morning to do my makeup and watch MY mom get ready in the mornings :}

She loves it!
Hmm... maybe not. So serious!
 My idea of a self-portrait haha. They is me half the time lately...

Look at me roll over!

There's nothing better than baby rolls :}
 ... and baby toes!

Okay Mom, it's naptime! ADIOS!

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