February 12, 2011

Kaylee Claire is 7 Months Old

Dear Miss Kaylee Claire,
The last month has FLOWN by! Every day is something new, and I'm just cherishing every last moment I have with you... un-mobile! That is what this entire month has been about. The minute you learned to sit up on your own, you've been itching to get on the move. And you are determined!! We are already seeing a new side of your personality. Easily frustrated, but determined (sorta like Mommy AND Daddy. Uh oh!). Every night before bed, I give you the biggest hug and kisses on the cheeks. I want you to freeze JUST. LIKE. THIS forever and ever.
New & Favorite things this month:
- Top of the List: YOU ARE STARTING TO PULL YOURSELF UP! Nooooooo... I mean, yay for you! But Noooooooo. Mommy wants you to stay little, and I know that as soon as you realize you can pull yourself up on other things besides Mommy/Daddy, that our lives are going to change completely. We can't stand too closely, or you grab our leg and pull up... though, your socks are slippery, so you end up falling over instead. Oops... I guess we need to get you some shoes now! It has become your favorite game! You're doing it all by yourself too! I'm just waiting for the day you figure out you can pull yourself up without needing our hands to hold you. lol... it's cute when you get to standing, and then get stuck and can't figure out how to sit back down... hehe
Here's a little preview to what I'm talking about!!
- You are a wiggle worm and will be crawling sooner than we know it! You are starting to get on all fours too! And then you freeze. It's like you aren't quite sure what to do next. I'll let you figure that one out on your own.... no hints from Mommy ;) Daddy is the one that started it. You've started to love laying on your tummy across his legs, and then push push push until your butt is up in the air.
- You love to feel soft things with the back of your hand. It cracks me up. Not really sure why you're doing it. But it's so sweet to watch.
- I love it when you reach your arms out wanting someone to pick you up. It's hard to resist the look on your face.
- You LOVE Petrie and Lizzy. They can get you cracking up. Your giggle is the best noise in the whole world.
- No teeth yet, but DANG can you drool! You go through several outfits a day now because you're soaked. Daddy is convinced the Steelers lost the Superbowl because you drooled all over your "Daddys Lucky Charm" onesie, and I changed you after halftime. (that's right when he started loosing his bets! hmmmm)
- Speaking of no teeth. You have a new favorite little snack! Baby Mum Mums! They have been a life saver!! They are little mini rice cakes that dissolve quickly so you can't chock. You LOVE them and have so much fun feeding yourself with them.
- You are now transitioning to size 3 diapers, and 6-9 month clothes. We've been in the new size clothes for a week now, and it seems like you are already starting to outgrow them!

I'm sure I could go on and on because this month has been so much fun! Sometimes and stare at you and can't believe you're mind.... then again, it's becoming pretty obvious when we try to dress you. You are JUST like your Mommy, and get mad. I'm sure Pa/KK & Pippy are both just cracking up!

I love you my little sweet cheeks!

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