February 18, 2011

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears (wait... there weren't any bears)

OH MY! Kaylee had her very first visit to the Fort Worth Zoo today! We weren't sure if she would even be interested, but she LOVED it! First of all, I must rub it in (for all you Minnesota peeps) that it's 80 degrees outside. We were wearing tank tops, and Kaylee had on no shoes. Oh, and it's February... JUST SAYIN ;)

Anyways, we started out with a super yummy lunch at, non other than, Hoffbrau!
We had BRAU CHIPS (yum), sourdough bread, and CATFISH WITH FRIED OKRA!!! (triple yum!)

Then off to the Zoo... First stop, the GIFT SHOP! AKA "mommy's first job"

Then off to see the animals... YAY!

 Which was Kaylee's favorite, you ask? DEFINITELY the penguins! She thought they were hilarious. She just giggled and kicked her legs the entire time. I think the penguin liked showing off for her too!

Favorite animal #2? MONKEY! Her cousin Ari would be so proud.
Here's KK's favorite animal... HA! NOT

Kaylee is quite the little animal watcher! Not surprised.

A quick brake for a few photo opps :}

 Then back to the animals! SO FUN!

 It wouldn't be a trip to the Zoo with Dad without stopping by one of his many exhibits at the Fort Worth Zoo that Halbach Dietz Architects designed!
The learning center is his newest creation and is under construction.
 Another "Pa Project" (hehe cheesy I know) is the Parrots Paradise. It is SO COOL! It's a giant bird cage you can walk into, and there are birds flying all over and you can feed them. It's one of the "favorites" for many familys... but the Parrots Paradise was closed for some reason. BOO! 

Thank goodness these Lions made up for it! Awwww

Thanks for a fun afternoon Pa&KK! We had so much fun!

Aaaaaand.... we're out! :)

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  1. That is so cool that your dad is part of The Zoo project. We are trying to get over there in the next month or so. We just went to Dallas, glad she had a good time.