April 28, 2011

9 Months Old

Oh Kaylee Girl! I can't believe you are nine months old! I've loved every minute of it and can't wait for the next 3 months until your first birthday.... at the same time, I wish I could pause time and keep you just the way you are, or even go back several months. The time is going by way too fast. Sometimes I look at you and can't believe you're mine. You're definitely my little buddy, always wanting to be right there by my side.
Your Daddy is so proud of you. I love watching the two of you play together. He is already very protective and always wants to make sure you are safe & everything is perfect for you. You love crawling all over him when he is on the floor with you. The best sound in the world is when you squeal when he tickles you.

New This Month:
- One of the biggest things, this has been a big transition month for our little family. We moved into our own home! Soooo, you now have your crib and nursery back! Just like it was in Texas :) You love you "new" bed. You must think the bumpers are pillows because I find you resting up against them all the time. It makes me so happy that you are comfy in your crib.
- Your little noises are getting so cute. You try to copy everything you hear. When Petrie barks, you "bark" too. When we laugh, you laugh. When we talk, you move your mouth like your talking, but no sound... it cracks us up.
- In the morning, you like to roll around our bed and cuddle and play. This is usually when you play "lizard"! You stick out your tongue and pull it in really fast. You think it's hilarious and always seems to get a good reaction.
- You are ON-THE-MOVE! Crawling everywhere. Pulling up on everything. Cruising everywhere! You know where your toys are in the different rooms of the house, and know exactly where to go. When you're in a hurry, you breathe really hard while crawling.... you are just SO excited and proud of yourself!
- You crawl all the way up the stairs now! AH... time for the baby gate!
- You're becoming quite the little entertainer. You've figured out the microphone on one of your toys and yell into it, and dance dance dance when music plays. You mostly bounce and bob your head up and down.
- Your 9 month dr appointment went well! You've dropped from 70+% in weight to 39% at ________. No worries, you're just mobile now! Shows what a little working out can do! You've grown several inches too (_______), but still about 16% for height.. hehe.
- You are still wearing size 3 diapers. I think we will be in these for a while. You're still wearing 6-9mo clothes too. Everything is still so long on you, so I bet we still have another month. I can't wait for you to wear 9-12mo clothes though, we have a cute wardrobe in that size!
- You met the Easter Bunny! Mommy had a day of photos with bunnies for other families, and you were my last "model". You loved them :)
- The new house is baby-proofed. The gate is up. Things off the floor! You have explored every corner of this place. When you get really quiet for too long, I know you've found something on the floor that probably isn't yours! haha
- You have 4 teeth!!!! All in a month! One bottom tooth came in the same week you perfected crawling and cruising. Then 3 more came in two weeks or so later! The top two are still coming through, but your bottom two are starting to show when you smile. So so cute! And for the record.... you still haven't bit Mommy. THANK YOU :)
- You had your first Ice Cream Cone thanks to Miss Julie at the Village Square. You were focused and LOVED it... in fact, when it was time to go, I took the cone away to clean you up and you screamed and screamed so much that the entire restaurant turned to stare at us!
- You're wanting to share your food when you eat. More so with Petrie.... but still proud of you for sharing! haha

Love you little sweet cheeks! You are our entire world!

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