April 28, 2011

Kaylee's New Friend

Kaylee made a couple of new little friends this weekend! Trinity & Emily Johnson came by the house to say hi. Trinity was a groomsman in our wedding, and Ramon's childhood BFF. Their two boys, Caden & Carson, came too and Kaylee was IN LOVE. The moment we sat her down next to Carson, she crawled on top of him with her mouth wide open. haha... She did so good. She was right in there with them and very curious about everything they were doing. It was cute watching them all sit around the bowl of baby Cheetos and share with eachother (or get the biggest handful they could).
Just for the record, Ramon has already sat Kaylee down for a father/daughter talk to make it clear that the Johnson boys are off limits. He said "like father like son" hehe.... just messing with you Trinity! The boys were great! We loved having y'all over!

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