April 28, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Easter Weekend was busy busy... but lots-o-fun! I can't wait for Kaylee to be able to enjoy it more next year... but she did pretty well!

Saturday was the Harmony Egg Hunt. Kaylee got one egg... BUT she did get to meet the Easter Bunny!
It was nap time, so she wasn't too sure she wanted a big white creepy rabbit holding her. But no tears!
 Us too.... and yes, it was freaking COLD outside!
Really didn't do a lot for our cute/pre-planned Easter outfits!!!
 Inside where it's warm, Kaylee decides to take a second look at the Easter Bunny creature...
Then comfy Easter PJ's :)

Easter Morning, we all went to church in our Sundays best. Which calls for dress #2 for Kaylee.
As y'all remember, "she" just couldn't decide what to wear. So after trying on a zillion dresses (and realizing they look TOTALLY different one, than online), we narrowed it down to two favorites. One for church, and one for the Easter Bunny! :)
She has this "pulling things out of a basket" thing DOWN!
 Then ANOTHER outfit change :) Into something cute and comfy this time.
(oh, and matching her cousins!)

Then yet, ANOTHER Easter Egg Hunt (with the entire family at Uncle Chris house). 
She really got into this one!... with Daddy's help!

Oh wait, unless it was the adults that had more fun! An innocent egg hunt turned into an all out war with the confetti eggs! (I was wondering why all the "grown ups" were SO into helping find the "good eggs"... NOW I KNOW THE SECRET!)

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