April 20, 2011

Gift from Aunt Whit

A package arrived today from Aunt Whit & Uncle Todd! YAY! So excited! What is it? What is it?!

Uh Oh! What is it??? Looks like something Maroon and a tasty tag!


Bahahahahahahahaha! As you probably know, I come from a family of Longhorns. And then Whit does the unthinkable and goes to A&M! Then even MARRIES an aggie from a family of aggies! WHAT?!
CLEARLY my daughter is a Longhorn! hehe... (just messing with you Whit)

Okay okay... to make this picture fair. I'll tell the REAL story. What happened was...... as soon as I took the tag away to take a picture to send Whitney a quick thank you text, little Kaylee decided to hold on really really tight and not let go. So... it turned into a tug-o-war between Mommy & Kaylee. Well, I won (sorta)... but accidentally bumped her little face in the process. Uh oops! I already had the camera up, so took a picture.... but no worries, I don't beat my child! I soothed her and told her Mommy was sooooo sorry!

And yes, the Aggie outfit is in her closet :) Thanks Whit & Todd!

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