April 21, 2011

Toys Toys Toys

So, I've always said that I wouldn't have one of those houses with baby junk everywhere....
Might I remind you, that was PRE-Kaylee. I still want to do my best to still have a grown up house, but Kaylee friendly. But let's be realistic.... Kaylee is right where I am. Her toys don't stay in her room, because SHE doesn't stay in her room! 
At "the basement", this was how I would keep her put long enough to run upstairs or take a bathroom break. But now, with an entire new house to roam and explore... there's not a CHANCE that she is staying put!

And out comes the toy closet! There is a little closet in our living room that really makes furniture arrangement difficult. But now it finally has a purpose!
 I think she likes it. And she stays put!
 I love when she sits like this while playing

We keep finding more and more toys in the boxes, so we may be organizing soon.... but for now, this is where you can find Kaylee on most days! As soon as she wakes up and I put her down to crawl, she goes down the hallway, through the dining room, and straight to HER closet.
And the best part... the doors close :) So I still have my adult-decorated-Kaylee-friendly home! YAY!

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