April 28, 2011

Babies at the Zoo

We had a great outting with Rachel, Ari & Bayla on Monday! The baby farm animals were at the Minnesota Zoo, so it was the perfect day to go! It was a "warm" & sunny 60 degrees outside! HA! (no but seriously... it felt warm somehow! unless the wind was blowing!)

The girls excited for a fun day!

Yup, she IS just THAT cool! ha
(I need to find me some shades like that!)

We got to feed the baby-goat-things. Usually you can go in with them, but they were getting too big. There is always next years babies!

(and yes Zac, we cleaned cleaned VERY well afterwards!)

 Kaylee just watched in totally awe

The off to the aquarium part, of course!

aaaand we're OUT!

Thanks for a fun day, Rach! Again soon! :)

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