April 20, 2011

We've Moved!

We are home owners again!!!! YAY! The past 6 months or so, we've been in "my in-laws basement". I always laugh when saying that, because it sounds HORRIBLE... but it really worked out well. Their basement is beautiful, and they were so good to us. I can't believe it, but I can honestly say I miss it!

But we are so happy to have our own space again, and really get settled. It has been so fun unpacking all our stuff that we haven't seen in MONTHS. Makes it all new again.

Here is the front of the house as you drive up.
Yes, it looks huge. It is WAY more room than we need right now. 
The basement isn't finished right now, so will be great to grow into one day!

The living room

My new kitchen (love!)

Newly painted railing that leads to basement

 View to back of the house from living room

Part of the backyard

And... the hot tub in the hot tub room! Can't wait to crank this bad boy up soon!
More pictures to come as we decorate!

Thank you to everyone who have helped us so far! We had a big moving day to paint and get everything in the house. We had a house full! GG has been busy cleaning every inch of the kitchen/bathrooms/etc. And we had a whole crew to paint! GG, Grandpa, Steve, Umbelina, Uncle Troy, Aunt Janet, Uncle Chris, Ramon, Bria, Charlie... oh, and even Chase! Thank y'all so so SO much for all your help!!!

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