May 27, 2011

10 Month Photos

Better late than never right? I'm still mad I never received my bunny ears for Kaylee's 9 month pictures, and I was determined to get outside for her 10 month pictures! WE FINALLY found a nice afternoon :) 
So, we did it in two parts. And while doing two of our new favorite things!
Shoot #1 - We went for a walk down to the park near our house, and then around town. We found the most beautiful pink trees!
 She loves her Daddy :)
 So sweet. I love her profile, her little nose, and how curious she is about the tree
 The last little bit of her cute baby wrists :) They get smaller and smaller every day.
I love this face :)
 She LOVES to point at everything she sees!
 Look at her hair! HA!

Okay, Shoot #2 - We went for a nice long bike ride on the trails to Lansboro. There are so many beautiful places to stop for pictures! I'm SURE we will be doing this often :)

Ramon said these are "Bluebells". Not quite the Texas Bluebonnet, but it's the closest I can get up here!
 Touches everything
 I LOVE this little log cabin that we found!

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