May 27, 2011

Oops... I did it again!

... I did... I forgot something (figures, right?). This time, I completely forgot to post pics from Pa&KK's recent visit! There are SOO many to choose from then KK even made the coolest little book of their trip! that's going to have to be a new thing we do. Kaylee loves looking at the pictures in her new book! {note: kimberly is awesome at always having a camera with her!}

Here's a "few" favorites from the week :)

Seeing bubbles for the first time! Not too sure about it haha
 haha, she closes her eyes! Smart girl :)

Play time at the park on a nice afternoon :)
Mommy enjoyed an at-home pedicure while they went and played outside!
 Tickle Tickle!
 Not sure who had more fun on the slide. Kaylee or Pa? hmmmm haha

Bedtime was a little less calm and quite than normal :)
Alright, Momma takes back over and gets her to sleep haha
Took a trip to the Niagra Cave! Ramons Grandpa grew up exploring the cave with HIS Dad when he was little. They owned the cave then, and lived in this little house attached to the gift shop!
 Kaylee is dressed and ready to go underground

Get Him Kaylee! Get Him!

Our Top Sushi Chef Competition! 
Okay truc!

Have you watched the Decorah Bald Eagles Nest live video online?
Here is a link to it!
Well, Dad Kimberly & I have been watching it for a couple of months now, so it was only natural to go see it in person! I can't believe we didn't bring the longer lense! UGH! But still pretty awesome.
 A little shopping and dress up time :)

Then a good visit with Grandma Bena & Grandpa :)

There's a story to go with this one.. lol

We loved out little visit! And we were all sad to see them go back to Texas :(

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