May 16, 2011

10 Months Old!

We've hit the double digits, Baby Girl! You are changing so much everyday. And holy smokes, you are constantly moving! I have slacked this month on updating the blog for you. This is because you LOVE Mommy's laptop (of course, who wouldn't cause it's a MacBook Pro, right?! hehe). But everytime it's out, you are drawn straight to it, and I can't get the blog updated without little fingers trying to "help". We are doing the best we can though... and honestly, I'd rather spend my time playing with you :)

New This Month:
- Speaking of playing, you've learned to put things inside each other. You will concentrate so hard trying to get your little cups inside each other.
- We think you're talking! When you see someone, you reach your arm out and say "ay?". We think you're saying HI! It's consistent, so we think you're so smart.
- You LOVE cheerios... and all your little finger food snacks. You're also a bread lover, just like your Momma.
- You've figured out how to reach into the snack cup and pull snacks out. As soom as the diaper bag is in sight, you head straight to the snack cup.
- You're obsessed with your sippy cup... oh, and have figured out how to use a straw!
- You have your first real lovey. A little doll you got for Easter from Rachel, Zac, Ari & Bayla. You've been stealing Ari's "Baby Boo" every chance you get, so you finally got your own. You take her everywhere and love to snuggle her at night, You love to point out her eyes, nose, and mouth. The two of you have your own little conversations. It's so cute to watch how sweet you are to her (... and then you bang her against the floor a few times lol)
- You love to play! You will shake your head side to side over and over and over and over, and think it's hilarious. Anything to get a reaction :)
- If you're happy and you know it is your favorite song. Every time we start to sing it, you get the biggest smile on your face (and even start to clap if you're not being shy)
- You think you can snap. It's so cute... When we snap, you get your serious focused face and squeeze your hand open and close, as if you were snapping. I guess it DOES look like that when we snap! ha
- You are definitely a little girl and have started batting eyes! WHAT?! On Mother's Day, you wanted Uncle Charlie to play the "I drop sippy cup and you put it up" game. He wasn't having it, so you just batted you eyes. Now you're doing it all the time when you want something haha.
- You're cruisin! On. Everything! I'm talking furniture, bodies, walls, toys, windows, toilet seats. You name it, you're cruisin' in! A few times you'll let no and throw your arms up in the air. It's more of a game right now. Any attempt at walking is more like a giant lunge toward us at this point.
- You squat down so gently. You're always so very careful.
- You love to bounce. When you dance, you'll shake your arm back and forth, and bounce up and down. You love to dance!
- Your FAVORITE thing to do right now is point at stuff! Everything! It's fun for me, because I can notice what you're paying attention to. It started in the bathtub with your Garden Friends book. We are always pointing out the turtle, froggie, flower, etc... and one day, you just started pointing too! And then you would say a little "word" afterwards like telling us what it was lol.
- Everything is "ay yay" right now. We're past the da's, ba's & ma's. Now on to the ay's & i's. You will point at something and go "ay... ay yay!" I love it! (especially when you're yelling at us to get our attention)
- Your hair is starting to get longer. It's finally a little messy at times. I love it! Now we can blow dry your hair a little (which Mommy likes because it keeps us both warm!)
- You are getting more and more social... always demanding attention. At restaurants, you'd much rather be turned around staring at people than eating with us!
- Your top right tooth has cut through! We can see the left one coming through the gums any day now. It has changed your little smile so much. No more gummies!
- You don't like it when I pump. You stand right next to me the entire time crying and yelling at me. Poor thing! Don't worry sweet'ums, I'm not stealing your food!
- You eat everything in sight. What we eat, you eat (just in smaller shredded versions!)
- You're still wearing size 3 diapers. And 6-9 month clothes still fit, and many are still too big. We are venturing into the 9-12 month clothes just because they are too cute and mostly summer clothes!

More times this month than months before, I will just watch you quietly playing alone, and think about how crazy I am about you. Your Daddy is too... you are our world! Only two more months until your first birthday! I can't believe it, and get teary-eyed thinking about it sometimes. I am so proud of you every single day how fast you grow and learn, but that is also what makes me sad. I wish I could keep you little forever. I don't regret a single minute having the camera with me at all times and taking way too many pictures. This year is going by way too fast!

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