May 16, 2011

Today is.... hot, hot, hot!

Well.... it depends on what you think is hot. For this Texas gal, 88 degrees (it got up to 92 though) is so NOT hot! But I will admit.... when it's been well below freezing for more days than you can count, and not even a month ago, it snowed (twice).... I can see how 88 degrees feels hot. 
But oh my gosh.... IT WAS SO AMAZING!!! lol.... We got to wear flip flops, and shorts, and tank tops, and walk around naked! Wait, what?! haha... kidding kidding... I was just trying to see if you're paying attention :)
But seriously though. LOOK! SHORTS!

The funniest part of my day though? As soon as I pull out of the garage, THIS is what happened to my windows. They fogged up!
Normally, my windows fog in the winter when my inside is warm, and outside is cold (or so I thought)

Kaylee and I spent a lot of the afternoon waiting for an oil change for my car. We thought it would be quick, but it sooo wasn't! We were there for over 2 hours. They didn't have AC! (WHAT?!) So we were definitely sticky and hot. You know how it is inside, no air, air trapped inside... ugh, stuffy.
Kaylee was a sport though. She got to show off for everyone at the dealership, and made a few phone calls while we waited.

That evening, we pulled out the jogging stroller, and headed down the hill to Danielle's softball game! Kaylee loved playing in the grass!
 Uh, excuse me... I need to take a call :)

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