July 7, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

While we were in Texas, we drove down to Houston to see Wuelo & Grandma Texas, then off to Galveston for Kaylee's first trip to the BEACH!!! I was soo excited to get her little bikini butt in the sand :)

She got right in without hesitation! And loved to kick in the water

 This new walking thing doesn't stop just because she is in water!
 She was all over the place
 Off with Mommy and Daddy!
 hehe, this is sooo fun!!
 Riding the waves! It was fun, but the saltwater kept splashing lol
Daddy! Daddy!
 WAVES!!!! haha
 Ooooh that was fun!
 YAY for the OCEAN!

Now time for the sand! What the heck IS this stuff!
 OHmyGOODness! This is so fun...
 Kaylee LOVES buckets right now. So this was perfect!


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