July 9, 2011

I Scream for Ice Cream 1st Birthday

Miss Kaylee Claire had an awesome first birthday party! In fact, she had TWO! One in Texas, and one in Minnesota! Sure, we might have gone a little overboard, but we had fun, and it was cute, and Kaylee loved it... so it was perfect! The ice cream theme came so easily thanks to Kaylee's obsession with ice cream! She LOOOOOVES ice cream!

Here is her invitation :)

First thing's first... the decor and theme :)
Please ignore the images being dark....

... The cake!

 The ice cream cone bar...
... and the ice cream cones :)
 Granny's Tasty Treats!
 The party hat, and flower arrangements...

 Custom Water Bottles & Balloons (two of her favorite things!)

 And my favorite... the photo banner! We had a favorite photo for each month. I loved seeing this displayed.... I still can't believe how much she has changed in such a fast year.
 We had a favorite photo from each month

We had two punches. One for the kids and one for the adults ;)
 The straws were fun :) And the pinata was a "HIT!" hehe... couldn't help myself.
 I just love these paper pom poms!

And last but not least... the favors! 
The kids took home bubbles that looked like ice cream cones 
and the candy from the pinata fit perfectly into the ice cream tubs. 
The adults each took home their own personal video of Kaylee's first year! (with a bonus track of my growing belly... yikes!)

 It was a hot, but beautiful Texas afternoon. We enjoyed burgers and hotdogs with yummy potato salad and all the beans and fixins'. It was soooo delicious! Thank you so much to KK, Dad, and Granny for everything you did to help! You went WAY beyond anything I ever imagined for our little Kaylee!

Up next, photo opps with the family!

Mommy, Daddy, & Kaylee on her first birthday. Awwww :)
(we don't get many of these pics together since I usually have the camera!)

Kaylee and her Pippy! I love this picture

Kaylee with her Wuelo and Grandma Texas :)
 And throw in Tio Cheech!
 Up next is KK&Pa, then Auntie Whit & Uncle Todd. 
Kaylee was going through a nose scrunching thing that week. It was cracking us up... 

And Kaylee with ALL her Texas Grandparents!! After taking this picture, we all said how we missed Grandpa & Grandma Bena that day! Maybe we can Photoshop them in the pic ;)
 Kaylee with some of her cousins. She was very interested in little Jack Clark! hehe he is so silly
 Then Uncle Ted & Aunt Susan :) I love/miss them so much!
 Oh and of course, my Granny! I love that Kaylee is able to know her and love her like I do :)

Alright! Time for some fun! Pinata time!!! We took turns from youngest to oldest, so that means the birthday girl got to go first!
 My great friend, Jordan, came with her family... I loved seeing them! (we share a brain, so if you wonder where mine is half the time, it's because it's Jordans turn with it... hehe). Here is her cutie daughter, Faith, taking a swing!
 And Miss Macy :)
 Hurry Hurry! It was funny... I remember as a kid, grabbing all the candy I could get my hands on. "Kids these days" apparently just pick out their favorites haha
 Kaylee getting in on the fun...

 Alright... CAKE TIME!!!
 Mmmmm sooo good!

 Thank you soooo so much to everyone who came, and even brought gifts for our little Kaylee! It was so great seeing so many favorite people while we were in town, and I loved y'all getting to meet her and/or see her.

Now, you would THINK the birthday festivities were over... but nope! Miss Kaylee gets TWO first birthday parties! This time, up in Minnesooota!

Instead of the ice cream cone cake, we opted for another fun idea.... ice cream cone CUPCAKES!
But we kept it easy on ourselves and used the same decor for both parties!

Kaylee had so much fun! Here she is with her Grandpa & Grandma Bena :)
And then with Tia Bria & Uncle Charlie!
 Up next is Kaylee with her Tia & Tio "Fave"... they named themselves to make sure they are "the favorite" hahaha, geez y'all ;) haha... so that means the "B" in Bria means "best" ;)

But here is a perfect example of how much Kaylee is a fun little copy cat right now. 
She is so stinkin fun. Zac giving the snap... and Kaylee copies!
 Then Zac blowing kisses.... and Kaylee follows :)
 Then snuggling up with her Uncle Jon Jon!
 She is a lucky girl to have so much awesome family that loves her!

Alright, now on the the yummy part... the FOOD! 
Ramon decided to bring his famous fajita meat back from Texas. 
This use to be a staple meal for us in Texas, we miss it!!
 Then Grandma Texas famous & delicious potato salad!
 Grandma Bena's yummy-to-my-tummy mexican rice!
This birthday girl is such a good eater. It is so fun... she chowed down! AND WORE HER HAT!
 Time for cake and singing! When we all sang to her, she just clapped afterwards. It was so cute.
 Cute photo time with Great-Grandpa & GG... which means more kisses!

PRESENTS!!! She is becoming a pro at opening gifts! I gotta say though, this singing chumpmink card from her cousins Ari & Bayla was a huge hit! She still walks around the house dancing to the music!
 Thanks to everyone for coming and hanging out with Kaylee for her birthday!! 
It was fun having everyone to the house too :) She is one lucky girl!!

Happy Birthday to our little Kaylee bug. We love you so much!

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