July 27, 2011

Kendall came!

My cousin Kendall came to visit us for like two weeks! We really had fun!
Of course, we had to make a day to the Mall of America!
 We parked in "Texas" so it would be easy to remember where we parked :)
 Kendall was able to be here for Kaylee's Minnesota birthday party! There were a LOT of stupid flys afterwards since we were inside/outside a lot, and were having the HARDEST time killing them all! So...Kendall had an idea... WINDEX!! Kendall won 20-0 :)
 We did at the fly killing while Kaylee was sleeping

 Kaylee got a new pink car from Grandpa & Grandma Bena! 
She LOVES it, but it was a BEAST to put together!
But she loves it!
All that hard work was worth it when we got this cute smile! 
And she looooves having monkey ride along with her!
 Petrie loved having Kendall here.. she loves LOTS of lovin :)

Of course a photo session as a gift to her Momma for her birthday (ahem, OUR birthday)

We spent one evening at the fair that was in town. Kendall had cheese curds for the first time, and we tried the loaded baked potato!... okay fine, we went back a second time for a funnel cake, roasted corn, and a smoothie :) 

Kaylee got to play her very first carnival game...
 She had to pick up the yellow duck and look what the bottom said to win a prize.
She loved it.
 AND SHE WON!!!! hehe, I think she picked the largest prize she could find.
 Off to see the animals and take a break...

 Then a little carousel ride :)
 She stood and danced to the music and watched it go round and round
 We stopped by the park on our way home for a little more fun...

 And the purple balloon didn't go far :)
 Kendall offered to take a few pics, so of course, I said YES PLEASE!!!
I was so excited to get a picture of Kaylee giving kisses. She LOVES to give kisses.
Oh man, I love her!
 ... and the nose krinkle!

Kendall and I decided to make a NaNa pound cake, and it was deeelicious! I have been craving it for a YEAR now, since her momma made it for me after Kaylee was born!
 haha Kaylee thinks Kendall is funny
 We LOOOOOVED having you here Kendall!

And the big adventure of the visit.... THE HIGH ROPES COURSE! AND ZIP LINE!

Thanks for coming to visit Kendall! We had a really fun time with you!!! And Kaylee LOVED it!

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  1. This post made me so happy to see her.....and you... Kendall took some pretty great pictures! Maybe she can learn from the master!! It is nice to see you in pictures too.. and i got my present in the mail.... and it made me cry.....and speechless all at once.... What a gift Diane... what a gift....