July 18, 2011

One Year Dr Appt!

Kaylee had her one year checkup! I can't help but think of taking her to her very first appointment when she was itty-bitty. I remember picking out the perfect cute, yet easy to remove, outfit. She had to be the cutest baby they doctor had ever seen! That first time, we waited with her in her carrier praying she wouldn't wake up, because then she would be hungry!!!! She hadn't taken a bottle yet, and I was too embarrassed to nurse in a public place... 

THIS visit, she was walking all over the place. Waving and tell strangers Hi. She watched the fishes, and played with toys, and even made a few new friends!
 She was so proud of herself walking all over!

Her appointment went GREAT! She is a little tiny one... weighing in at 19.2 pounds, and 27.8inches long!! She still VERY much fits in the infant carrier, so we will keep her in that for a while longer. It's easy, and she sleeps so well in it hehe...

 SO that night, we celebrate with Daddy by going to his favorite, Mabe's Pizza!
Kaylee didn't want her baby to miss out on the yummy food, so she made sure to feed her!
 So serious :)

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