July 25, 2011

July Mommy Playdate

Kaylee had a little play date with some of her internet boyfriends... kidding. Well, sort of! We met up with Mandi & Liz from my online Mommy group! We went to the Eagle's Nest in Minneapolis for a little inside fun. Kaylee looked sooo tiny and petite next to the boys. They were all so funny together.

Here's all six of us. Yes, that is a picture of the back of my camera lol
Kaylee wasn't too sure about the balls at first
But it got better with friends
Well, maybe! These silly boys! Now I'm stuck!


 They were all over the place. Kaylee quietly found her own little toy while still keeping a good eye on the boys. She was being a little shy :)

 They really had the coolest toys. And I loved that it was separated from the "big kids".

 So much to explore. This place will be awesome in the winter!
 These red balls were ALL over the place. Thank goodness, because as soon as one baby had one, they all wanted one!

And a little hide-n-seek with Mommy :)

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