July 14, 2011


Well, we are on our way to Texas for two weeks!! Our flight was less than perfect, but Kaylee was SUCH a trooper. We got to have Daddy on the plane with us this time, so that was fun!

Time to call all the grandparents to let them know our plane was delayed twice, but we are on our way!
Kaylee got her own seat since the plane wasn't full! It really helped having the extra 
space to let her wiggle around. Especially since it wasn't until PAST bedtime that we 
finally took off (thanks to the delays)

We got to go to Houston to see Wuelo & Grandma Texas! While we were there, went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner to celebrate Kaylee's birthday! She even got to ride the saddle. Such a big girl!
Texas Roadhouse has a special meaning to us, if you remember... the night we found out we were having a girl, we had dinner there... and our waitress name was, you guessed it, Kaylee!
Oh, and Tio Cheech works there too :)

I'm still collecting pictures from our visit back home, but here are a few of our favorite people we got to see while we were home!
 We stopped in to visit Poots & Pops after a day of shopping with Pippy!

We had a fun lunch with Blythe & Khris after the mini sessions at the Fort Worth Stockyards. 
Isn't littlle Owen so cute??
Here is Kaylee and Owen now... 
 Here they are last November (8 months ago)

A little play time after lunch :)
 Then, we got to see old friends, Jennifer & Jason, and meet their new little man, Cohyn.
I got to spend the afternoon with them and take his pictures. He was sooo good!
 I also got to see Kyser all cute and prego too!! This picture-takin-stuff is so fun, cause I get to see a lot of my favorite people!

 This trip, Kaylee was much more into exploring than ever before. She found Pa's toy train from when he was her size... it was cute watching her play with it
 And at the Children's Museum, she loved playing with the kids and weird toys... this is a tube of feathers. Who know something so simple and random would be so exciting for her!

Even though we were home for Kaylee's birthday, I got one of my gifts while we were there from Dad&KK! MY NEW CAMERA BAG!!!! Ekkkkk.... isn't she cute?!

 Okay, back to Kaylee.... here we go again with the nose krinkle lol...
Mmm mmm mmm... mac'n'cheese, green beans and carrots

Kaylee has a thing with sticking her fingers in your mouth and feeling your teeth. 
She thinks it's hilarious

You know you're in Texas when.... you can take a warm bath OUTSIDE! Oh my, she had a blast!

She loves "coony" soo much. It is so sweet how she loves on him...
 and any other animal, for that matter!

More pictures to come, I'm sure! We just had so much fun... and our trip was way too fast! (like usual!)

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