July 8, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Kaylee!

Oh wow, I hope I can make it through this without crying....

My Little Kaylee,
You are ONE YEAR OLD. A year ago today, I got to hold you in my arms for the first time, and tell you how much I love you, how much WE love you. I remember the moment you were born. I never thought a newborn baby was perfect and beautiful until we met you. Your little cone head, your swollen eyes and soft skin, you were perfect. Daddy was the first to hold you. I have never felt more love for someone until you were born. Sometimes I just stare at you, and can't believe you're mine... and it makes me tear up. I never understood why my Mom would stare at me like that, and now I know. You are perfect, and I'm so proud of you.

This was our first picture together. The first time I got to hold you...
So many people came to the hospital to see you. Pippy, Pa & KK, Aunt Whit, Uncle Todd and even Aunt Poops were all at the hospital waiting for you to come. Wuelo & Grandma Texas came as quick as they could, and Grandma Bena & Grandpa drove all the way from Minnesota! We were all so excited to meet you! You had so many visitors. Only a few hours old, and already the light of our lives. 

I remember taking you home for the first time. Daddy was SO nervous to drive with you in the car. When we got you home, we introduced you to Petrie right away. You two have been best friends since...

The last year has flown by so fast. I can't believe how much you've grown and how much you've changed. I've loved every single day together. I love watching you learn new things and exploring your little world. I wish I could freeze you just the way you are right now. You are such a sweet baby. We really lucked out! You rarely cried unless you were hungry or tired. We had very few late nights that we couldn't console you and you wouldn't sleep. You are an easy going baby (or should I say "were").
You've probably flown on a plane more times in your one year than many people do in their entire life! You have more Grandparents than you will know what to do with. You have every toy and outfit you can image. You are healthy and beautiful. You have so many people that love you (all the way from Texas to Minnesota and inbetween). You are so blessed. You are our perfect little Kaylee Claire.

New This Month:
- You are miss social butterfly! You LOVE to say "Hi". It is your favorite word. You will walk (yes I said walk) up to anyone stick your head out and say "Hiii. Hiii. Hiiiiiii", with a little wave added in too. You say hi to us, Petrie, Lizzie, everyone... especially the other kids in highchairs at restaurants, I think they are your favorites.
- You can also say "bye"! And have the cutest little wave...
- You love to be tickled and think it's hilarious. Now you have started to tickle your babies and mommy/daddy/petrie too! You will wiggle your fingers and say "ticka ticka ticka ticka". It is so stinkin cute!
- The dogs are still your favorite out of anyone... oh excuse me, the "woof woof". Anytime Petrie or Lizzie come close, you follow them around pointing and saying "woof woof woof". Hehe... I just love you to pieces!
- You are obsessed with babies right now. It all started with any baby made of a hard plastic, but now, it's any baby. You are so sweet to them. You love to hug them and pat their back.
- The two favorite babies right now are "coony" and "big baby". Seems like every day is a different favorite baby, but those too are chosen more than others.
- You are loving blocks! Love to stack things and especially love for ME to stack things so you can tear them down!
- You are still wearing size 3 diapers. Most of your clothes are now 12mo size, but only because that is what we had in the closet for summer. You still fit into 9-12mo size, so a lot of 12mo is a little big... but you are starting to grow into it nicely :) I just LOVE your 12mo clothes. They are so cute bright and summery.
- At your 1 year old appointment with Dr McWilliams, you weighed in at a whopping 19.2 pounds!!! And 27.8 inches long. Definitely still in the 15%ish percentile for weight/height, but in 72% for your head!!! hehe... our little bobblehead baby is sooooo smart :) I just love it. You don't look off balanced though, don't worry!
- I can't believe it, but you are officially a toddler!! Oh my.... but you will always be my baby nomatter what the books say.
- YOU. ARE. WALKING!!!!! Yes, let me say that again... KAYLEE IS WALKING!!! Oh my oh my! You are still wobbly since you only took your first steps a week or so ago, but you are getting lots of practice in Texas with all your grandparents, so you will be a pro in no time. You have the cutest little waddle.... right now, you drag your right foot a little, it's so cute.
- You love to give BIG HUGS! ohmygosh, it is my absolute favorite thing ever! You will wrap your arms around us and just SQUEEEEZE. Oh it makes my heart melt. I just love you.
- You also love to hug the giant monkey stuffed animal your cousin, Ari, gave/loaned to you. You will come as fast as you can to Monkey and just LUNGE at him. You will hold on to eachother and roll all over the floor. It CRACKS ME UP!
- Now that you are walking, we are wearing shoes a lot more. You are now OBSESSED with shoes again... you've always loved to play with them, but now you are so cute... you know they go on your feet and you always try to put them on. You will send so contently for 5 minutes concentrating SO hard trying to get them on your feet. We just let you learn on your own... you don't get frustrated, and I notice you like to do things for yourself, so you'll figure it out :)
- You've learned to  krinkle your nose. It is so cute, and you know it gets a good laugh out of us, so you looove to do it!
- At bedtime, we will turn out all the lights, and turn on the constallation turtle. He shines the stars onto the walls/ceiling, and we will point out all the stars together and the moon, and sing twinkle twinkle little star. It is so relaxing for both of us, and gives me a little extra snuggle time before bed. It is so cute, cause when I ask "Kaylee, where is the moon?" You can find it, and point to it!
- Push toys are your favorite! You go alll over the house with them!
- Favorite foods right now are watermelon, bananas, and BLUEBERRIES!

Its amazing to think that just twelve months ago, we were strangers - now we're inseparable! In the past year we've changed at least 3,000 diapers, lost about 350 hours of sleep, wondered whether to call the doc 9 times, wondered how we lived without you almost every day and wished I had five minutes to myself almost as often (mostly as you peek in on my showers haha). But I wouldn't change anything, and we will live the rest of our lives making sure you know that :) This has been the best year of my life, little one! I love you!

Love, Mommy

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