June 14, 2011

Wuelo & Grandma Texas are here!

We had a great (but fast) weekend with Wuelo & Grandma Texas from Houston. Too bad Richard couldn't make the trip this time! I was nervous that Kaylee would be standoff-ish at first, but she snuggled up quick! I think the grandparent photo album is working!
 The minute Ari & Kaylee see eachother, they switch babies. She loves her babies!
 Kaylee pictured with Baby Boo (Ari's Baby), and Ari pictured with Baby Clara (Kaylee's Baby)
 I have a picture just like this with her Wuelo in our backyard in Texas. Wow, she is getting big!
 We took a trip to the Minnesota Zoo! Kaylee and Ari sitting on a gold turtle?
Look how long her legs look!
 Slide races!
 She looks like she is pouting, doesn't she? haha
When she is in a new situation, she just stays really still and won't make eye contact.
 Ew Mom, rocks!

 Then off to the splash pad! I was sooo excited to get Kaylee in for her first time, but the water was way too cold (for Mommy!)... 
plus, the big kids were running really fast, and I didn't want to have a collision
 So we just watched from the side... but got PLENTY wet!

Someone LOVES breakfast!
 And pushing anything around the house...

 So cute :) I think they kind of look alike!
 Watching Daddy cook breakfast
 Now, TELLING him how to cook. haha, love the look on Ramons face

They were so surprised to see Kaylee VERY mobile
 and cuddly :)
 ... and has a little personality

 Up next! Off to the Niagra Cave again for Kaylee! Ari and I had fun playing beforehand, I think she was worn out, because she slept through the entire tour.
Bayla is getting so big! They totally look related here :)
Baby Bjorn advertisement :)

 Play time was fun! I think it's time to start teaching Kaylee to share and play nice. Wish us luck!

Ramon's new toy!!! He was SO excited.... our yard is way bigger than we realized and a GIANT HILL! We didn't really think that part through when we bought the place..
 "Whew, so much work" HA
 Startin' her up!

While the boys played with the mover, we girls had some fun sun time by the pool!
 Kaylee wasn't really wanting to get in. The water was freezing
 So we snuggled instead :)
And played with hats...

We had SO much fun with Wuelo & Grandma Texas!
 We can't wait to see them again very very soon!

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