June 28, 2011

Splish Splash!

Kaylee had a BLAST today at the Water Park in Spring Grove, Mn. This was her first time in a pool that she was old enough to comprehend what was going on haha. Last year, she was just a few weeks old and practically fell asleep "laying out". This time, she was full blown crawling, cruising, kicking, laughing, SCREAMING... the whole works!

 As you can tell, she had a blast!

For all the grandparents, YES WE PUT ON SUNSCREEN!! Alrighty?? haha... so no need to ask!
In fact, I even reapplied for her half way through the afternoon! {gasp! hehe}
Here is proof! See that tiny bottle she wouldn't let go of? That's sunscreen.

This is what the pool looks like. Pretty cool, huh??
We hung out right near that little platform most of the time.
I even ran her through that purple fountain a couple of times, she actually thought it was funny! 
I was shocked...
  I let her take a baby along for the day in case she was nervous. 
At first, she was shy and held on tight to the baby!
(AND sucked her thumb?? Not really sure what that's about. I've seen her do that, like, MAYBE 10 times ever. haha)
 Eventually though, she got comfortable and off she went... leaving baby in the dust.
 Tongue out again. Once she figured out she could crawl in the water, there was no stoppin her.

The best part was Jill & Emily came along with their kiddos too! Jordan, Grace, Lily, Bennett, Caden, and Carson! They are ALL just so sweet to Kaylee, I love it! Thanks for a fun day y'all,  definitely again soon!

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  1. Cuteness, D... put a bathing suit on that baby doll next time. ;-)