June 17, 2011

Finger Painting for Dad - Take One

So I thought it would be cute to let Kaylee paint a picture for Ramon for his very first Father's Day... I ALSO thought this would be a fun experience for ME AND Kaylee. Finger painting just seems like one of those fun things you remember from when you were a kid, and it was so fun. I guess (until now) I never thought about how stressful it was for MY Mom haha. 

So, I prepared the floor by taping down a lot of paper so she could crawl around. Ya know, just in case... Well, she didn't care anything about the paper, or painting, or making a picture. In fact, every time I tried to teach her or put her hand on the paper, she would cry and get mad at me... 

She DID, however, LOVE playing with the tubs of paint and stacking them on top of eachother!

 So after many pages of ripped and wrinkled paper (which many of you know I can't STAND wrinkled paper),  and many meltdowns because of me trying to "help" (note to self: she is just as sweet and stubborn as I am!)... we moved to the bathtub!

So instead of painting a pretty picture for Daddy... we painted the walls :)

 A MUCH happier Kaylee and Mommy :)
 So proud of her new masterpiece

 Oh geez, whose idea was this again??? I didn't think about cleaning up the mess afterwards!

A little extra :)

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