June 14, 2011

First Wisconsin Play Date

Kaylee had a play date today! YAY! We finally got to meet another Mommy & Baby from my online Mommy Group. The group started when we were pregnant, and was a place for us to go feel "normal" & talk eachothers heads off about baby stuff... I seriously think these girls saved Ramon and I from a few fights (and from me annoying him so much haha).
Anyways, when we moved up here, I found out another Momma (Jamie) is about an hour away from us!!!
One of her friends just had a baby, so I went to take his newborn photos... while I was with baby Jack, Alison & Kaylee got to play! They are so cute

Look how short Kaylee looks! haha
 Mmmm cracker
  Oh Miss Ali, you're so cute. So smiley! And Kaylee just stares at her like "who the heck are you?"

Then time to attempt a group shot with the camera phone timer propped on top of the car!
Take One. Oops
 Take 2. Even worse!
 Take 3. All in, yay! But far and girls are being funny.
 Take 4. Girls looking at creepy neighbor
 Take 5. Where ya going Ali?
 Take 6. OMG GIRLS! Look at the camera! haha
TAKE 7! We give up :)

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