June 14, 2011

Happy last-month-of-your-first year AKA 11 Months Old!

Oh Kaylee, oh Kaylee... this is my last letter to you during your first year... while you're still a baby... my little baby. You are 11 months old! I can not believe a year ago, I still had never met you yet. A year ago, I was writing you a letter telling you how excited we were to meet you, and how I hope you like me and that I'm a good Mommy for you (I already knew Daddy would be a good Daddy). I promised you that we would do the very best we could, and that we would love you so much. A year ago, you were still in my tummy... It was summer in Texas, and Mommy was HOT! I had Shrek feet, and would drive for miles to find a sno-cone for "us" to eat. I would waddle while I walked, slept with 8-10 pillows all around me to keep you supported in my tummy, battled some pretty intense heartburn (haha), and had to start wearing a heart monitor because I was having a hard time breathing correctly (I think maybe you were giving Mommy little love kicks when I was stressed to tell me everything was okay). Oh, but it was all worth it! This time last year, I was visiting the doctor several times a week to see if you were coming soon.... we were getting more and more excited to meet you. Who would you look like? What is your little personality like? Are you REALLY a girl like the doctor said?? (haha). A year ago, I never thought I could love you more than I already did..... it's only been a year, and I've already proved myself wrong.

New This Month:
- It's official! Your first real word is "HI!". Think month you perfected it, and even wave now with you say hi. You say hi to everyone... especially at restaurants! And if they don't say hi back, you keep saying it over and over and louder until you get their attention. Funny girl! Daddy, Mommy, Baby, and Lizzie have popped out a few times, and I hear you trying to copy our words, but "HI" is still your go to word.
- You LOVE the Dallas Mavericks! Every time they are on TV, you start yelling at the TV and even clap like Daddy does. It is so cute! I think they won the NBA Finals because you are their little cheerleader!
- You have 4 teeth! Two on top, and two on bottom. It's so cute... your smile has changed so much.
- You love ice cream, and it is now the theme of your first birthday party!
- You are sleeping through the night!!! 9pm-7am, then eat, and 7am-9am! WOO HOO!!! Although, now that I say this, I hear you waking up and it's 6am... oops!
- You LOVE it outside. You would play out there for hours.
- You are still wearing size 3 diapers. And mostly 9 month clothes still... a few 12 months, but most are still too big
- You can throw a ball! Not very far, of course... but you think it's funny
- You love putting things inside eachother. You have a little basketball goal toy and EVERYTHING goes into the hoop.....
- You love pushing things around the house. If you can figure out a way to get it to slide across the floor, you use it as a walker. High chairs, chairs, accent tables, toys, dolls, shirts, phones... you name it
- You can drink out of a straw! You've got the food/drink department DOWN!

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