June 28, 2011

Good Morning!

Oh I love mornings now! I use to dread it... Before Kaylee, I dreaded it because it meant I had to go to work soon haha. After Kaylee, I dreaded it because she didn't really let me sleep during the night so I was exhausted. Now, she wakes up just before Daddy leaves for work then falls back to sleep for a few hours.... so by the time Kaylee is REALLY awake, I'm already up and just watching the monitor waiting to go play with her!
First thing is first every morning, and she loves it.... take Petrie outside to potty. Normally I'm carrying her, but now that she is walking more (*tear), she wants to practice practice.... 

I noticed our shadows this morning, and it just made my heart hurt.
She will be one year old in just over another week...

I can't believe she is growing so fast. 

How much longer until she won't need me to hold her hand...


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